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  • Sara War

Winged Souls

When people think of angels,

They think of this level of perfection,

Someone with such glory and wings.

When I think of angels,

I don’t think of perfection.

I think of those people who

Smile at people in the hallways

Listen to those who need to be heard

Help those who are stumbling through the dark.

Those who are kind to everyone,

They seem to have a warm glow around their smile,

In their presence people get calmer, lighter.

They don’t stand up for people, instead

They help others stand up for themselves.

They don’t fix people and their lives,

They help people help themselves.

Angels are the type of people that

Make the world more colorful,

Make even one person’s world lighter.

Make someone smile on a dark day.

Angels don’t have to be non-existent,

They could be people you pass by on the street.

They could be people you sit next to in class.

Angels are the people who help others, who are kind.

I hope one day to be someone else’s angel.



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