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  • Ester Schneiderova

Why “Elf” Is My Favorite Christmas Movie

Picture this, I’m ten years old and in the back of my family’s Honda, and we’re in the middle of our yearly road trip to Vermont to ski. I’ve finished the book I brought with me to pass time, and my mp3 player has run out of battery. Desperate to stop my incessant talking, my dad passes me his phone with the movie “Elf” lined up for me to watch. I’ll be the first to admit it—I was late to the game. I don’t know why it took me so long to watch the movie, but I’m glad I did, as it quickly became my favorite Christmas movie. So, keep reading to find out the reasons why this movie is my favorite. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Firstly, it captures the Christmas spirit perfectly. Buddy the elf is essentially Christmas cheer personified. Nothing can ruin Christmas for him, not even his awful father , who is the actual worst. Whenever I rewatch the movie, which I've been doing every year since I was 10, I immediately get into the Christmas mood. There’s just something about watching Buddy consume a plate full of candy-covered spaghetti that makes me excited for Christmas.

Secondly, I love the relationship between Buddy and Michael because it captures what it’s like to have a sibling. Michael starts off by not liking Buddy because, frankly, Buddy is a little odd. But, as Michael gets to know Buddy, he grows to like him.

Thirdly, the movie doesn’t have too much of a basic plot. Sure, there are characters who need to relearn the joy of Christmas, and the movie wraps up nicely. But, I still think it’s different from other Christmas movies mainly because it centers around an adult character who starts off with the Christmas cheer. Frequently in Christmas movies, the main character is the Grinch of the story, but in “Elf,” Buddy is the one spreading cheer to everyone around him.

Finally, the movie has a romantic aspect. Call me basic, but a movie needs to have at least a little bit of romance for me to fully enjoy it. For me, “Elf” does it in the perfect way. The relationship between Buddy and Jovie feels well-developed and natural without becoming the main part of the movie because at the end of the day, the romance isn’t the main plotline.

So, these are the reasons why “Elf” is my favorite Christmas movie. I know that this isn’t exactly a controversial opinion, but popular things are popular for a reason.



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