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Who is the Strongest and Weakest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

We’ve all wondered who the strongest person in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is. I mean, even the characters in the MCU have discussed it (Tony Stark thinks the strongest Avenger is the Hulk, as proven in “Thor: Ragnarok”). We also all have our opinions on who is the weakest/most useless people in the franchise. Now, it’s time for the ultimate breakdown. We’re going to figure out who is the strongest and the weakest in the MCU.

Who is the Weakest in the MCU?

7. Bucky Barnes

When it comes down to it, Bucky Barnes’s strength can be boiled down to the Super Soldier Serum and his arm, which doesn’t leave him with much. He’s the strongest of the weakest because, even though his serum was weaker than Captain America’s, he’s still super-human, which puts him above all of the people without any kinds of modification. He might not be the strongest by a long shot, but he can hold his own in a fight.

6. Black Widow

I know this is controversial, putting such an iconic (and the first real, female hero) on the weakest list, but she is nothing besides intense training and perhaps some genetic modification (she was genetically modified in the comics, but it’s unclear if that also happened in the MCU). She’s awesome and skilled, but in a discussion about brute strength, she doesn’t stand a chance against her teammates.

5. Mantis

Mantis is not who anyone looks to when we talk about the most powerful. She’s innocent and seems almost dainty. She can’t do any real fighting and has never used a weapon. The reason she’s not lower on the list is because she can read and control people’s emotions. This doesn’t help her too much because to put people to sleep (which is the most helpful thing she does), she has to touch their temples, which is pretty inconvenient. The one great thing she did was put Thanos to sleep in an attempt to get the gauntlet (which failed because Starlord), but she hasn’t been much help in a fight besides that.

4. Starlord

This ranking is probably temporary, but, at this moment, I believe that Starlord is pretty useless. We know that his father is literally a celestial being, so I’m sure that Starlord has abilities that he has yet to unlock, but, right now, he’s a decent shot, and that’s pretty much all he can do. He also caused the Snap by attacking Thanos and ruining Mantis’s sleep spell, so I’m pretty annoyed about that.

3. Falcon

I love The Falcon. Sam is great and funny, but he’s nothing without his wings. Yes, he’s smart and he’s super skilled with his gear, using the wings for transportation and as a shield, but one wrong hit and the wings go down, leaving Sam stranded with nothing. The wings can be unreliable or taken away, in which case he’s left on his own.

2. War Machine

Rhodey is similar to Sam in the fact that he was given his suit, and he’s completely powerless without it. The thing that makes him just a little weaker, and therefore just a little lower on the list, is the fact that he’s paralyzed from the waist down. This isn’t bad, but, as shown in “Avengers: Endgame,” when the suit is disabled, he physically cannot move because the suit is actually his legs.

1. Hawkeye

Is anyone surprised? Look at any Avengers’ movie and you’ll see who the odd-man out is. Hawkeye is as powerful as his most powerful arrows, and what happens when he runs out mid-battle? A quiver can’t hold an infinite amount of arrows. Once that last arrow is gone, he’s just taking up space with no way to help the fight. Maybe I’m being a little hard on him, and he is a great character, but what can he do besides shoot a pretty decent shot (okay, he’s a great shot, but it doesn’t make up for his lack of ability).

Elizabeth Price ’21 disagrees with my assessment. She believes that “he is a good agent, as in a SHIELD agent, but surrounded by people with literal super powers, he looks weak. He may not be a strong asset once he runs out of arrows, but he does not deserve Mairead’s roasts. Compare him to the slightly incompatant random SHIELD agents throughout the movies, and you will see his worth.”

It’s up to you, dear reader. Do you think that I was too harsh? Or do you think that Hawkeye is as useless as this SNL skit makes him look?

Who is the Strongest in the MCU?

7. Spider-Man

Peter Parker deserves a lot of credit. He’s not only carrying the MCU at the moment but also proving a lot stronger than people give him credit for. Take the scene in “Captain America: Civil War” for a moment. When we first see him in action in the infamous airport scene, he gets an actual plane thrown at him (a whole plane), and he catches it. I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt him, but he’s able to survive that and keep fighting. He also shows his strength in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” when a concrete roof is dropped on him. He survives that and is able to push himself up. That shows strength like nothing else, and it earns him a spot on this list.

6. Vision

Vision gets an unfair advantage, given how he’s a synthesoid made out of vibranium, which is the strongest metal in the MCU. If you take away his indestructibility, he’s still powered by an Infinity Stone, can density shift and is a literal supercomputer. Hardly anyone is able to overpower him (hardly anyone has in the MCU), and he’s also one of the few characters who is deemed worthy to hold Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer). He’s super strong and an asset to all of the Avengers.

5. Dr. Strange

Strength might not be the first thing you think of when I mention Dr. Strange, but there’s no denying that he’s pretty powerful. In just his first movie, with barely any training, he was able to lock Dormammu in an infinite time loop. Now, he has more training and is one of the most powerful wizards known to man. He can tell the future, make infinite copies of himself, teleport and control time as we know it. There is no denying that he’s super powerful and one of the strongest heroes in the MCU.

4. Thor

There was no way that Thor didn’t make this list; he’s a literal God. We’ve seen a lot of development in Thor throughout the MCU. From a cocky prince, who doesn’t understand the full extent of his powers, to the God of Thunder. No one can deny that Thor is one of the most powerful Avengers (or the most powerful. He certainly thinks so). On his own, his powers allow him to overpower almost everyone, but when he has Mjolnir or Stormbreaker, he’s pretty unstoppable.

3. Thanos

Controversial, I know, but Thanos beat pretty much everyone already on this list. I’m not saying he’s good, but he is stronger than everyone he beat, and he beat everyone on this list (some of them, he even beat twice).

2. Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers is a one-woman wrecking ball (and I say this with the highest level of respect). Captain Marvel is so powerful, and I even considered her the strongest person in the MCU for a while. From what we’ve seen, she’s pretty indestructible. Marvel even had to keep her off-world for most of “Avengers: Endgame” because she would have ended the battle super quickly if she was there. There would not have been a three-hour time commitment if Captain Marvel had done her thing from the beginning.

The best way to show her strength is to weigh her against her competitors. Specifically, the man just above her: Thanos. In “Endgame,” when Thanos gets the gauntlet, Captain Marvel is able to physically keep his fingers apart, to stop him from snapping. The only way he is able to stop her is when he takes an Infinity Stone out of the gauntlet and hits her with it. This does the trick, but if it were Thanos vs. Captain Marvel, she would win any day because he could only beat her with assistance. And not just any assistance. An Infinity Stone, of all things.

1. Scarlet Witch

Wanda is the strongest person in the MCU, no question. Even before “WandaVision,” she was the most powerful. She not only destroys an Infinity Stone in “Avengers: Infinity War,” something that is basically impossible to destroy but also is so powerful that the only reason Thanos is able to stop her is to rain fire on everyone. Thanos chose to attempt to kill everyone, including his own troops, because he couldn’t stop Wanda.

If that isn’t proof enough, let’s look at “WandaVision.” Wanda controls an entire town, including all of its inhabitants, and drastically changes the style of the town every so often. And none of this was on purpose. When she’s trying, we’ve seen her instantly change her clothes and change things like a burnt chicken into eggs. That is an unprecedented amount of power, and now that she knows that she’s more powerful than she initially thought, Wanda’s unlocked even more abilities, cementing her as the strongest person in the MCU.



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