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  • Estelle Monti

Washington Quarterback Alex Smith Starts First Game in Two Years

Two years ago, Alex Smith, quarterback for the Washington Football Team, suffered a traumatic leg injury. Doctors thought he might never walk the same way again. Seventeen surgeries later, Smith started against the Detroit Lions last Sunday. Fans were shocked when he participated in training camp and more shocked when he stepped into a game after an injury to starting quarterback Kyle Allen the week before his start. Smith completed 73.1 percent of his passes for a total of 715 passing yards in the past two weeks. Throwing two 300 yard games back-to-back is a first in his career.

The Washington Football team has not won a Super Bowl Title since 1992, and it has been many years since the team made a deep playoff run. The team has had many quarterbacks in the past few years, and this year holds no difference. At the start of the 2020 season, the roster had three quarterbacks: Dwayne Haskins, Kyle Allen, and Alex Smith. Many fans had high hopes for this season. The team has a new name, new management, and the NFC East Conference title is fair game for any of the equally flawed teams. After Haskins didn’t perform well in the first few games, he was benched before the fifth game. Kyle Allen was named the starting quarterback for the next four weeks. Haskins was demoted to third-string after calling in sick for the game against the Giants, and Alex Smith dressed as the backup quarterback. When Kyle Allen dislocated his ankle after a hit in the first quarter, Smith went in and led Washington to a short comeback in the second half, before losing 23-20. With Kyle Allen out for the rest of the season, Alex Smith had his first start in 728 days.

Washington fell to the Lions by a score of 30-27, with the Lions kicking a 59-yard field goal in the final seconds of the game to put them ahead. Even though Washington lost, coaches, players, and fans are trying to look on the bright side. Smith was able to lead his offense to a comeback after losing the first half by a score of 17-3. After going down 24-3, Washington got the ball four times and scored on each possession.

Fans and coaches alike have discussed what this game and player change means for Washington. It is disheartening to lose in the last few seconds which worsens the record to two wins and seven losses. But the past three losses have all been within three points. Everyone also wonders if Smith will be able to continue to play at this level at age 36. Still, most fans hope that Smith could become the starting quarterback for many seasons to come. However, Smith’s contract expires in two years, and trading him would free up space for more young talent. These are questions that could remain unanswered until the end of the season.

The football season is 17 weeks long and each team plays 16 games. After week 10, the Washington Football Team is in third place in its division and only one win behind the second-place team. With seven games left in the season, Washington has plenty of time to take on the division. It is often said that Washington Football Fans are the most loyal because the team is so disappointing, but Alex Smith has rejuvenated the offense and given fans some hope for the remaining games and maybe seasons to come.



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