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  • Kayin Bejide

Valentine's Day Without a Valentine

For the Bejide household, Valentine's Day looks like lots of chocolates and heart-themed hard candies. Chinese take out is on the counter, and there is a beautifully decorated table with a red tablecloth, rose petals and Valentine’s Day plates. My mother gives each and every one of us a unique stuffed animal based on our personality.

This is how I’ve enjoyed my Valentine’s Day over the years. But as I grow older, I can’t seem to shake this floating question: “Do you have a Valentine?” I asked Phoebe C. ’25 what she usually does for Valentine’s Day, and she said, “My parents and I buy each other chocolates. I go out to dinner with my friends for ‘Galentines.’ I wear festive clothes, and my Latin class always makes each other ‘Palentines’ gifts.”

Then, I asked her what her perspective on the holiday is. She said, “I think it's cute to celebrate with a special someone, but that doesn’t have to be someone romantic. It can be a platonic holiday celebrated with friends and family because it's always a good idea to remind people that you love them.”

I love Valentine's Day, not because of the romance, but because of the traditions my family and friends form to show how much we love each other. So, this Valentine’s Day I will be indulging in Chinese food and chocolates alongside the people I love most.

[Image via Gigazine]



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