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  • Cate Goodin

Valentine's Day

Hi everyone!

It’s crazy to think that we are almost halfway through February! We’ve almost made it through the winter, and we can look forward to sunshine and nicer weather. As I love to write about seasons and holidays, I can’t overlook Valentine’s Day. I think it provides a fun opportunity to celebrate in an otherwise lackluster month. I don’t think one has to be in a romantic relationship to enjoy this holiday, and there are a lot of ways to use it as a time to be creative and show gratitude. While it may be a little cheesy, I think Galentine’s Day (I did cringe while typing it) is my favorite extension of the Valentine’s Day spirit because it's about appreciating your friends. Here are some fun ways that I will be making the most of Valentine’s Day and the days surrounding it.

1. Bake! I truly don’t know if there is a better holiday to bake for. You can incorporate some pink or red to your favorites recipes to really celebrate. Maybe add some dried strawberries or raspberries to a brownie recipe or make m&m cookies using only the red m&ms. A really great activity that incorporates baking is cookie decorating. You can get some cute cookie cutters and dye different icing in different shades to enjoy a project that results in a yummy treat.

2. Along the Galentine’s Day route, I recommend writing letters to friends! I think the best part of letters is waiting for them to come in the mail, and you and your friends can exchange notes and words of appreciation. You can try taking it back to Kindergarten Valentine’s Day by making a handmade card and a little candy package.

3. Watch a movie! It’s the perfect time to enjoy those treats you’ve made and cozy up on a winter’s night with a blanket. There are countless Valentine’s Day movies, so you can choose one of your favorites, or just pick a movie you love.

I hope you enjoy these ideas in making February a little more fun!


Image courtesy of Sally's Baking Addiction



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