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  • Serena Hong and Fiona Turnbull

The Best of the Best

Hi, everyone! With all the fun snow we’ve been having and are expected to have in the coming weeks, we thought it would be helpful to bring you all the BEST snow day activities! These are great for any time you feel like getting some fun ~winter vibes~ and making the most of this fabulous weather that only comes every so often!

  1. Make fancy hot chocolate

This one is always fun, and what could be a more classic snow day activity? Get super into it with toppings, flavors and all sorts of pinterest-worthy decorations. Also, hot chocolate “bombs” make for a super fun cooking attempt if you’re feeling extra snowy! There is so much hot chocolate inspiration out there, and to help get you started, here are a couple of pictures. P.S: For the third picture, go the extra mile and make a hot chocolate “bar!”

2. Go sledding

When there’s snow, there’s a sled. Reminisce to a simpler time when we flew down snowy hills at the ripe old age of five! There’s absolutely no rule that this perfect snow day activity is only for the kindergarteners. Grab your sled (or any other flat, board type of device) and head to the nearest hill (or even your backyard?) and just go for it! Basically, we are trying to say sledding is such a flexible activity that you can do it basically any time there’s snow! We highly recommend trying this as soon as possible before the snow has melted!

3. Cozy up and watch a Movie

Who says holiday movies are only for December? Want to get that holiday spirit back? Well, we have some awesome suggestions for movies that will leave you feeling great. Check out the classic film “Love Actually” if you're into holiday movies and want your cheer back. Additionally, the new movie “Soul” would be an amazing way to spend your evening, with a rating of 95 from Rotten Tomatoes and an amazing soundtrack. For a classic throwback, check out “Clueless” for fashion inspiration and endless laughs. Want a RomCom? Check out “The Proposal” starring the hilarious Sandara Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Feeling regal? Try “The Princess Diaries” starring Anne Hathaway as a dorky high school student turned royal. Lastly, want to feel free with your gift of a snow day? Check out “Ferris Buller’s Day Off” to go on a comical day off with Ferris Buller.

4. Have a snowball fight/snowman competition with your family

Want to get those competitive juices flying? Nothing will send you back to the good old days then throwing a nice, icy snowball straight into your siblings back! Employ your whole family into a fun game of snowball fighting. Set up bases, build a fort, stack up snowballs and get fighting! It is not only an opportunity to get outside but also to release some pent up frustration after spending days with your family (warning: bruises may ensue). Got some left over snow? Keep the competition going. and build your best snowman to show off to your neighbors.

We hope that these suggestions got your ideas flowing for snow days and that you're getting excited with all of these ideas!


Fiona and Serena



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