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The Best Chocolates to Buy Your Babes

February is the month of Valentine’s Day, and rose and candy sales are skyrocketing. If you have a boo thang, I’ll tell you what candy to buy for them. If you don’t, I’ll tell you what candy you should buy for yourself. Here’s what candy sales should be rising and which ones should be dropping:

  1. Hershey’s Kisses. On the rise.

God. It even has “kiss” in the name. These chocolates are never a disappointment. Keep your eye out for the kisses with the red swirls on the wrappers; they’re cuter and have swirls of white chocolate in them. The perfect candy kiss. Buy them for bae.

2. Candy Hearts. Should be dropping.

Xoxo? More like Nono. A dusty sugar heart with a ‘cute’ message is not a romantic gesture. Write your own love notes!

3. Ghirardelli’s. On the rise.

Instead of buying one of those neon pink heart boxes filled with a random variety of chocolates, buy a bag of identical chocolate squares. Ghiradelli’s chocolate is basically a cheaper, less cheesy option of getting fancier chocolates. The caramel ones are my favorite;they’re the way to my heart, so they likely will be the way to someone else's.

4. White chocolate. Outlier.

Is it chocolate? I don’t know. What I know is that I cram every piece of white chocolate I can get my hands on into my mouth until I’m left with a disgustingly sweet, buttery taste on my tongue. Do I think you should buy this for your Valentine? Maybe not. Maybe yes.

5. Almond Joys. Should be canceled.

There is too much going on within an Almond Joy. Is it almond and chocolate? Is it coconut and chocolate? Is it almond and chocolate and coconut? Yes. Yes, it is. And it does not work out. Ever.

6. Twizzlers. Should be dropping

They’re not good. It’s like eating rubber. I’ve never seen the hype. This doesn’t relate to Valentine’s. I just don’t like Twizzlers.

7. M&M’s. On the rise.

So much variety. The green one is my fave; she has the most personality. The rest are okay, but everyone deserves a green M&M for Valentine’s Day.

[Image via LSU Reveille]



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