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  • Cate Goodin

The 5th Wheel: Copenhagen Fashion Week

Out of the shadows of New York, Paris, London, and Milan, Copenhagen fashion week, my personal favorite, emerges. This year the Autumn/Winter 2022 shows happened over the beginning of February. Along with looking through the runway photos of the up-and-coming brands visible throughout these days, I just as equally love the street style photos.

There seem to be a million Danish girl influencers on Instagram (think Matilda Djerf), and rightfully so for the playful style that seems to grow in the Danish fashion scene. Oftentimes, high fashion and fashion week street style can seem out of touch with outfits for our daily lives. I find the most inspiration that can be transferred into my own style from the street-style photos of Copenhagen fashion week. Full of bright colors, sometimes off-beat accessories, and inviting patterns, I connect with this style because it seems less trend-focused than its New York counterpart. One particular style influencer I love looking out for is Pernille Rosenkilde. I live vicariously through her over-the-top outfits that don’t quite fit in with a Holton uniform.

Copenhagen also hosts some of the shows from my favorite, more under-the-radar brands. Ganni, which has become more available in the U.S., garnered inspiration from the 90s with lots of sequins! Sometimes it’s hard for me to imagine next year’s fall fashion scene when we are on the brink of spring, but I see the moody colors and sparkles taking off in the fall. Another brand I love to follow, Saks Potts, similarly seemed to draw from the 90s. Pops of colors and fabric flowers dotted the runway looks, standing out from the usual autumn colors with pink and green. I recommended checking out Vogue Runway for slideshows from the shows! Cecilie Bahnsen, another brand I keep an eye on, hasn’t had its show yet, but the voluminous silhouettes and ultra-feminines pieces are always a favorite. Maybe one day I’ll actually own a piece from one of these brands!

I think the biggest attraction of Copenhagen Fashion Week for me is the playfulness. It's an environment that seems to foster out-of-the-box creativity, with a lighthearted and unique take on what it means to be stylish. Its omission from the big four seems to play into its favor–it’s there for those who want it. I hope to keep seeing Copenhagen’s fashion scene bloom!



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