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Spring Break Activities

A the anniversary of March 13th, our last day of school and start of the “two-week quarantine before we come back,” approaches, we often find ourselves reflecting on the first couple weeks of COVID, or as we call it, the honeymoon phase. In an effort never again to repeat the room cleaning, family walks, baking, and suffocating boredom and isolation, here are a couple ways to make this spring break nothing like last year. Here are some fun ideas you can try over your spring break to break up the monotony (make sure to stay COVID safe with a mask on!).

1. Visit the cherry blossoms

Out of two weeks in the year, we get to witness the most beautiful flowers that will get you in the mood for spring…and eventually summer! The pink and white flowers that daintily float in the air are a site to witness. Grab a family member, set up a picnic basket, enjoy the moment, and take some lasting photos for the memories. Looking at these cherry blossoms are the perfect way to spend your morning or afternoon, and you definitely want to visit them before they’re gone.

(I mean really, can the view get better than this one?!)

2. National Cathedral picnic

Picnics are a great way to spend an afternoon. You not only get to soak in the sunlight and fresh air but also get to relish in the amazing food you packed. Make the picnic worth it, and go all out! Some picnic ideas can include: cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, popcorn or chips, sandwiches, cakes, and so much more that your options are endless! Additionally, the National Cathedral is a site to behold, so get those artsy pictures, or even just have some fun rolling down the hill! As someone who has visited many times, I would recommend going to the back where they have a bit of a secret garden. It’s serenity and beautiful flowers will make the trip worthwhile!

(Let us know if you’ve been to/found the garden!)

3. Monuments

I’m sure you’ve seen them on Instagram, but the monuments are one of the most visited spots in DC. I feel my appreciation for them has really grown in quarantine because of their outdoor spaces, tons of room to walk around or sit, and generally pretty buildings. Plus, you can take that pic where it looks like you’re touching the Washington Monument. If you want to feel like a true DC resident combined with a tourist, this is a great option. We highly recommend starting at the Lincoln Memorial, then making your way down to the Washington Monument and then the Capitol to get the whole, fabulous experience.

A great way to take advantage of living in this city!

4. The Wharf

The Wharf is one of the newest DC destinations, and I think of it as a great, unique alternative to Georgeotwn, with a similar vibe. There are great views of the water, with adorable swings and a little dock. With the amazing weather it’s the perfect time to eat outside, or grab food to go picnic style (see option 2 for ideas!). There are also good shopping options here (be sure to mask up!) with a bunch of smaller, independent stores (I recommend checking out Made in DC), so your day will not be boring!

5. Capital Crescent/C & O Canal

Although I think of the Capital Crescent Trail as having its central location in Bethesda, this is not true at all!! If you’re feeling up for a longer adventure, start in Bethesda, and make your way all the way to Georgeotwn, by either walking or biking. There are fabulous food options at either end so no need to stress about fueling this journey. It’s quite the experience, and you have NEVER felt more accomplished than when you get home after tackling all seven trail miles. Plus, once you’re in Georgetown there are SO many places to go from there, so you could combine two of these options in one day! Overall, this is perfect for getting to spend time outside and move around a little!

Unlimited options!

6. Glenstone Museum

Do you love walking and viewing art! Here is a bit of a hidden gem located in Potomac. This outdoor park/museum has interesting sculptures, trails, and flowers to behold. Choose a random path to get lost in, and you will not be disappointed. In addition to the outdoor sculptures and flowers, there are also some buildings where you can look at art. The variety of activities and sights to behold are truly worth the visit, so book the ticket (it's free but only a certain number of people can be there at a time) soon before they’re out!

7. National Gallery of Art

With many DC museums having no admissions price, the National Gallery is one of the best DC spots to take advantage of! Unfortunately, the indoor parts of the National Gallery are closed right now due to COVID, but the sculpture garden is still open! You won’t feel that museum pressure of “I paid, so I have to stay for six hours and see absolutely everything.” There is complete flexibility (although due to COVID there are now reservation times), and you can feel free to move around as you please. Normally, the other great part of this museum is the sheer variation among the works, and they usually have specific, temporary exhibits that are memorable. Also, haven’t you always wanted to be that mysterious person in a museum holding a book or an umbrella? Not sure about you all, but I was completely obsessed with the lit-up walkway when I was younger, and I have quite a few fond childhood memories of my parents dragging me there in an attempt to make me an art connoisseur, but now that I can actually appreciate what I’m looking at, it is certainly worth the trip.

What could be more relaxing and inspiring than this?

We hope you enjoyed some of our ideas and will at least try one out over the next two weeks! Just remember to stay safe, wear a mask, and stay 6ft apart. Thank you so much for reading our article!


Fiona and Serena



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