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  • Nora Hemsley

Some Podcasts I Like

Podcasts! Yay! I’m new-ish to the podcast world, but I have definitely been enjoying them more and more throughout COVID as I spend more and more time on my phone. I like listening to podcasts when doing the more mundane things in my everyday life, like brushing my teeth, washing my face, cooking or walking my dog. Nowadays, there are podcasts for any topic you could think of, so this list doesn’t even scratch the surface of what podcasts possibilities are out there.

News Podcasts!

I love being able to intake the news every day in the morning, so I can make sure I stay an informed citizen. News podcasts are a perfect way to get that information while multitasking to save you time. I listen to “Up First,” an NPR podcast, almost every morning, whether it be driving to school or going through my morning routine. This podcast is very short; it’s about 15 minutes long, so it's a perfect way to receive the daily headlines on your way to work or school. For a more in depth dive into the news, I like to listen to PBS’s “NewsHour” when it’s published in the evenings. This podcast is about 50 minutes every weekday and about 30 minutes on the weekends. “NewsHour” is similar to the televised PBS “Newshour” but formatted to the typical podcast set up.

Politics and Current Event Podcasts!

Another podcast that I listen to that ropes in news with a more in-depth and political perspective is “Left, Right & Center.” In this podcast, host Josh Barro, who acts as the “center,” invites (typically) two people, one who acts as the “left” side of the political spectrum and one who acts as the “right.” In this weekly podcast, Barro discusses a contemporaneous topic, such as former President Trump’s trial or COVID-19 relief packages, and allows people to have a civil conversation about their differing vantage points while asking insightful questions. I like this podcast because it reminds me of a Holton Harkness style debate (except maybe less spirited) where I can hear from those who might have differing opinions as my own in a respectful environment.

If I want to get a really detailed look at a current event/important figure, I have recently started listening to NPR’s “Embedded.” I haven’t listened to that many episodes, but I was intrigued by the “Essential Mitch” series that began November 10th about Mitch McConnell. I have yet to finish the series, but when I do, I will look into the next series that started Thursday about the Capital Gazette and its tragedy.

“Code Switch” is a podcast that discusses “the fearless conversations about race that you’ve been waiting for!” It dives into topics like how the white, Evangelical vote affected the 2020 and 2016 elections or the impact and legacy of Marcus Garvey (in the most recent episode). Shereen Marisol Meraji is one of the current hosts, and she does a brilliant job of connecting the past to the present and examining topics from a refreshing perspective.

Other Podcasts!

“Stuff You Should Know” is an all encompassing podcast about any topic you could think of. From Blue Holes to Groundhog Day to housing discrimination, hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant cover obscure topics that always spark my curiosity. There are endless episodes, so if you need a consistent liste,n you can dive into some of their older episodes (this is what I’m doing). This is a great podcast that offers informational, engaging education on a variety of topics.

“Climate Focused Future” is a wonderful podcast hosted by Holton’s very own Robin Hess ’22. Robin does an excellent job of delivering important climate related news, history, facts and more in under 10 minutes. The concise, informational format means you have no excuse not to listen to her episodes; they are amazing! She just started a new series covering environmental justice, which is an extremely relevant and important issue that I want to continue learning about (and Robin is helping in my attempt). Go support Robin and her podcast!

You might have been expecting me to list one of many very popular crime podcasts, but, frankly, I cannot handle those. I get scared walking through my house to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, so a crime podcast is most definitely a no-go. But if you are looking for a good murder story, check out any top podcasting chart, and I am sure you will see mutilple crime podcasts in the top 10.

There are so many podcasts that I love but couldn’t get to in this article. If you ever find yourself interested in a new hobby or topic, there is most likely a podcast related to it! And I always love getting podcast recommendations, so please reach out if you have any:).

** Disclaimer: These podcasts are what I listen to/ find interesting, but my interests in no way dictate someone else’s, so these might not be for everyone; my purpose is to talk about the ones I like, not tell people they have to listen :)



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