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  • Sara War

“Seasons pt 2”

I think Winter would never get cold easily,

And she’d love when the wind brushes her face,

Like a soft hello just for her.

I think she’d love hats and wear a different one

As much as she could.

I think she’d make snowballs and throw them at her friends

Whenever she had the chance to be outside.

Her laugh may be silent, like snow falling on the ground.

She’d throw her head back with every joke filled with happiness.

But if you ever crossed her?

She’d stare you down with the coldest glare,

I think she’d shut you out of her life and let you feel cold.

But when she loves you she can make you feel like

You’ve just come in from the cold, and she’s the fire.

She’s the type of person you feel the absence of.

I miss my Winter.



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