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Scariest Things on the Planet: The Reverse Gear

Humans were never meant to go backwards. Humanity is supposed to move forward, so why are we driving backwards?

The reverse gear is my least favorite component of cars. Actually, let me specify-- The reverse function of the reverse gear is my least favorite component of cars.

I love the parking function. Without the parking function, my mom’s Honda Pilot would not have a rear window. I adore the drive function. Without it, my mom’s Honda Pilot would be useless.

But the reverse gear? I loathe it.

The reverse gear will cause my downfall.

My literal downfall.

Now, I don’t have a driving permit or a driver’s license, but I’ve been learning to drive. And of course, in DC, proper parking is a must. Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been very successful in pulling into parking spaces. However, whenever I try to reverse out, I push into the parking space beside me, and obliterate the invisible cars next to me.

I don’t know why the reverse gear is trying to sabotage me. I use my turn signal like a good driver. I wait for the red light. I actually stop at stop signs. I keep my foot on the brake pedal. But for some reason, the reverse gear just wants to overshadow my successes.

I hate you, reverse gear. I will drive, with or without you.

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