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  • Nora Hemsley

Random Camera Roll Trip!

For this week’s article, I decided to take a walk down memory lane and choose random photos in my camera roll and explain the backstory because nothing else is happening (thanks COVID) and why not! Yay! Fun!

This photo is from the first week after my family and I got our beloved rescue dog, Mack. This photo is from seventh grade and is nostalgic to me because my room looks completely different, and Mack is now double in size and, weirdly, has a completely different coat. If you look close, you will see the infamous scout bag that I, and many others in middle school, toted around, much to the dismay of my shoulders. Oh, the memories. (but seriously look how cute he is!!!)

Here’s an Easter throwback to my freshman year with my brother, cousin and grandma. I love this photo because behind us is the beautiful little koy pond that is in my grandma’s senior living community home, and Easter with my dad’s side of the family is always so special. I haven’t been able to see my grandma in a while, and I miss her dearly. With special love for all the grandparents who have been separated from their families because of COVID, my heart is with you all <3.

I snapped this shot of a little charcuterie Valentine's Day-themed board my friend made me for Valentine’s Day. All the pretty colors and foods look so nice together, and my friend’s attention to detail is amazing (the mini little honey scooper thing!).

My brother and I are in California, circa sometime between 2004-2014 (I have no sense of age or time). Why do I love this photo? Perhaps it is the below average photo quality or the extremely frightening smile (can I even call it that?) that is plastered on my tiny face. I’m not going to even mention the outfit… Thanks a lot, Mom. But in full honesty, this photo is very nostalgic for me, and I can only look at photos now of the time my brother and I looked like twins (while now he towers over me).

This is Cross Street/Riley’s Beach in Cape Cod, near where my Grandma Big Annie lives. My grandparents’ house was always a home-base for my mom’s side of the family because they bought it when my mom was 17 and we have been going every year since (my mom went to Stone Ridge and lived in DC, so she has also been making the same driving trip for over 40 years). I took this picture when I was there in the winter, and I think it perfectly encapsulates the outstanding beauty and serenity of this beach. I will say, though, that the water is not normally that clear because it is usually filled with jellies and seaweed. The beach is a little 20-30 foot-long beach that only residents usually go to (so the crowd is pretty much 65+ and grandchildren), and the camaraderie is something that invites me back each year.

You may be wondering why I am willingly sharing this atrocious photo with more people. I apologize. But the story behind this photo is one with a good ending: me getting my permit! I apologize to the innocent, random fellow DMV goers who are in my photo. It seems as though the random person walking in my direction was READY for their moment. I think this photo is funny because it truly reveals my emotions in that moment: confusion, fear, excitement and flustered-ness. I don’t think I have ever sweated more in my life than waiting to take that test. The uncomfortable chairs. The time ticking on the screen. The permit test is unappreciated for how terrifying it is (I am probably the only one who feels this).

I took this photo in the summer of 2019 in Canada at Niagara Falls. One of the few moments in my life when I truly have been speechless was when I saw Niagara Falls. It truly is spectacular, and I am not going to even try to put into words how beautiful it is. I remember seeing one of the boats (the Hornblower) go farther to the right than this photo shows and literally get lost in mist to the point where no one could see it. If you ever have the chance, go to see it!This is the photo of the other part, but you can hardly see it because of the mist! Crazy.



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