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  • Alex Mason

Quarantine Puppy Demand

Quarantine has allowed many families to spend much more time with their pets since so many people are working from home. In addition, many families without dogs have decided to adopt puppies during isolation. According to “The Washington Post,” shelters, rescues, private breeders and pet stores have all reported “more consumer demand” for dogs during quarantine. Rescues received “dozens” of applications for individual dogs. Madeline Bernstein, president of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Los Angeles, explained, “People will not be getting on planes to travel. They’re going to plan staycations...that are more amenable to pets. So they’ll adopt now.” The demand for dogs is greater than ever in these uncertain times.

Quarantine is also the perfect time to train new puppies and help them adjust to your household. Even my busy family decided that we need a Bernese Mountain dog puppy in our lives.

A few Holton students shared their quarantine dog experiences over the past few months.

Aria Didden ‘23, owner of two dogs, reflects on the perks of having dogs during distance learning. She shared, “Ever since quarantine started, I’ve been spending much more time with my dogs at home, which I think has made them really dependent on my family. I appreciate how I can really relax with the dogs during stressful distance learning. Being with them really helps me unwind and reduce my screen time for a bit.”

Mairead Levitt ‘21 reveals that quarantine has allowed her to spend much more time with her dogs and she is able to play with them in between classes. She explained, “While I didn't get my dogs over quarantine, I've definitely been able to spend much more time with them. I can chase my older dog, Lincoln, around in between classes. My younger dog, Zelda, will spend hours sitting on my lap. Honestly, one of the only best parts of quarantine is that I can spend so much time with my dogs since they’re my favorite family members!”

It is important to look for the positives in life especially during these uncertain times. I am glad that quarantine has allowed many families to spend more time with their pets and loved ones at home. In addition, many shelters, rescues and breeders were able to find safe, welcoming homes for all of their dogs during the pandemic.



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