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  • Cate Goodin


Hi, Everyone,

This week I’m going to cover the PUNCH Fashion Show! I want to share my experience and spotlight a few other designers. The show this year was definitely different than normal, but I’m so happy that we pulled it off virtually. If you still haven’t seen it, I recommend watching it on the Holton Landon YouTube.

The designers this year were Ruby Miller ’24, Kate Lugar ’24, Sydney Smith ’23, Jacey Mordkin ’23, Kali Mathura ’23, Stephanie Mo ’23, Emme Pastor ’22, Charlie Rhein ’22, Sophia Tuncer ’22, Hailey Gabron ’22, CJ O’Shea ’22, Josephine Stark ’21 and Cate Goodin (me!) ’22. We also had Alexandra Angelos ’22 and Nyla Jones ’22 as the MCs making fun commentary throughout the show, which premiered Saturday, April 24th.

Community service is also a part of PUNCH, and this year we hosted virtual workshops for Dress a Girl Around the World. Dress a Girl works to give brand-new dresses to girls who might not otherwise have new clothing. I really enjoyed these workshops because we connected as a PUNCH group and were able to put our sewing knowledge to good. Personally, sewing for the show this year got a little difficult timing wise as we went back to school full time, but the stressful moments were worth it in the end when I saw the models walking down the runway.

My Line:

My models Emma Isaacson and Fiona Turnbull before we filmed!

My model Serena walking down the runway!

Sophia Tuncer’s ’22 Line:

Sophia filmed off campus and created a magical runway outside! Her line theme was Black and White and she painted these amazing pants and made her top. Check out the YouTube for all of her outfits.

Jacey Mordkin ’23 and Sydney Smith’s ’23 Line:

Jacey and Sydney created a line themed 60’s in Paris. These adorable outfits really do bring you back to that decade!

Again, make sure to watch the YouTube video and hear about all of the designers’ lines!


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