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  • Devyn Wong

Positive in Politics

With the insurrection happening on January 6th, the historic Georgia senate runoff election became overshadowed by hate. This runoff election determined the senate majority and flipped the previously reliably red state to blue, creating a 50/50 majority in the senate. Here are some of the historic aspects!

1. Rafael Warnock wins his race against Republican incumbent Kelly Loeffler

Reverend Rafael Warnock’s win makes him Georgia’s first African-American senator and the 11th black person ever in the Senate! Reverend Warnock has had a long presence in Georgia; after growing up in a low-income family in Savannah, Warnock enrolled in the HBCU Morehouse College. After college, Warnock became pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, the same church of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Warnock dedicated his life to serving God and his community, goals that make him a very much admired candidate.

2. Jon Ossoff wins his race against republican incumbent David Perdue

The 33-year-old Jon Ossoff becomes Georgia’s first Jewish senator! Born and raised in Atlanta, the young candidate ran his campaign focusing on getting young people to vote for him. Ossoff’s most influential way of connecting to young people was Tik Tok. His videos inspired and informed many young Georgian to vote for him, the result being his seat in the senate.


The icon to whom the Democrats owe the Presidency and the Senate is Stacy Abrams. After losing the race for Governor of Georgia in 2018, Stacy Abrams spent the last two years fighting voter suppression and increasing voter turnout, especially among black voters. Abrams started Fair Fight, an organization that helps educate people of their voting rights. As Georgia’s demographics changed and became more diverse, Abrams worked with grassroots organizations to register hundreds of thousands of new voters. These new voters used their votes to provide Joe Biden, Reverend Rafael Warnock and Jon Ossoff with their wins and officially make Georgia a Democratic state.




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