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  • Calla and Kamalani

Outdoors With Calla and Kamalani

Hi! We wanted to share our top five places to go to during autumn in the DMV!

  1. Rock Creek Park - Rock Creek Park is a beautiful sight to see during autumn. It is a 1,754 acre park. There are over 32 miles of hiking paths and trails that you can walk! The beautiful array of red, yellow and orange trees is a breathtaking view that you don't want to miss! The trails start in the Piedmont in Laytonsville, Maryland and end at the mouth of the Potomac River. There are so many things to do! If you still need your volunteer hours, there are lots of volunteer opportunities available at Rock Creek.

  2. Capital Crescent (CC) Trail - A seven-mile trail with relatively few hills, the CC Trail stretches from Georgetown to Bethesda! With absolutely beautiful colors and views,,it is the embodiment of Taylor Swift’s August. Picture this: you start your walk/run/bike in downtown Bethesda, bike to Fletcher’s Boathouse, eat a picnic lunch, bike back, then go to Paul’s for dessert. It is the perfect weekend outing alone or with friends or family.

  3. Mosaic District in VA - This shopping center in the heart of NoVA features a roller skating rink, Target, cafes, restaurants and shops! It’s the perfect place to meet up with a friend (or to take yourself out for a day of self-care) and enjoy the wide array of shops and cuisines it has to offer. My personal favorites include Playa Bowls, a gelato store, Unique Thrift (a three-five minute walk from the center!) and the Farmer’s Market that takes place every Sunday. In addition to the fruit vendors, I recommend the Call Your Mother (bagels) and pulled pork stand at the market.

  4. Pictured above is Norwood Local Park in Bethesda (behind Bethesda Row) - I adore this park because of its beautiful autumn views and an abundance of benches scattered throughout the area. Although there are usually a good number of families and young children throughout, there are plenty of quiet areas for you to read or have a good conversation with a friend or family member. There’s also an expansive field that is perfect for playing with your dog or throwing a frisbee around.

  5. Theodore Roosevelt Island - This island is a hidden gem in DC! It sits right across from Georgetown and the Kennedy Center. There are trails and beautiful scenic overlooks that would be perfect with your friends (or maybe even a partner). If you are looking for a Georgetown Waterfront type of view, this island is a great place!



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