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  • Alex Mason

New to Netflix

Over winter break, my family and I explored the extensive selection of new Netflix movies and TV shows. Below, you will find a few of my favorite movies and shows that have recently been added to Netflix. These picks range from lifestyle shows to romantic stories to thriller films. I provided a short description of each movie below. I encourage you to explore these Netflix selections and share them with friends and family!

  1. “The Red Notice” (PG-13)

Two thousand years ago, Marcus Antonius gave Cleopatra three bejeweled eggs as a wedding gift. Special Agent John Hartley (Dwayne Johnson) tracks down international art thief Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds), who possesses Cleopatra’s first egg. The unlikely pair works together to catch the world’s most wanted criminal known as “The Bishop” (Gal Gadot) and locate the remaining two eggs. This high-speed adventure takes the trio across the world in an attempt to piece together the world’s most priceless trio of artifacts and keep it for themselves.

  1. “Emily in Paris” (TV-MA)

When Emily, a marketing executive from Chicago, is offered her dream job in Paris working for a French luxury marketing company, she navigates the ups and downs of the notorious city. Emily must win over the trust of her French coworkers, while making new friends and romances. With many twists and turns along the way, Emily falls in love and is forced to make difficult decisions that affect both her personal and work lives. Netflix released the second season of “Emily in Paris” in late December.

  1. “Just Go With It” (PG-13)

Although this comedy first aired in 2011, Netflix recently added “Just Go With It” to its movie selection. While plastic surgeon Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) pretends to be married to date girls without commitment, he meets Palmer. When she discovers his wedding ring, he assures her that he is in the midst of a divorce from his ex-wife. With the help of his work assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston), Danny makes up a string of lies to secure his new relationship with Katherine.

  1. “Selling Sunset” (TV-MA)

Seven of Los Angeles’ most successful female realtors work for the Oppenheim Group, the #1 agency in the Hollywood Hills. The women compete alongside each other to sell multi-million dollar houses and work with celebrity clients. They must work hard to stay on top while battling the conflicts of their personal lives, including parties, marriages, pregnancies, and more. Netflix released the fourth season of “Selling Sunset” in November.



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