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  • Calla Doh

My Venture QUICC: Quickly Utilizable Injury Care Cards

In today’s article, I would like to highlight my venture called “QUICC,” I created with the help of UPenn’s Social Innovators program last year.

I created Quickly Utilizable Injury Care Cards to address a pertinent problem I recognized in the youth ice hockey community. I noticed that when a player suffers an injury, the coach would have a difficult time trying to run the game while addressing the needs of the injured player. I was inspired by an injury I sustained during an ice hockey match in September 2019, when I was boarded during a game and injured my knee. There was only one coach on the bench, and it was difficult for my coach to both run the game and tend to my injury. I had to sit out for the rest of the game in pain without any immediate injury treatment. To confront this problem, I created quickly Utilizable Injury Care Cards (“QUICC”) that players can refer to during a game to receive immediate injury treatment information. The idea is that players could take copies of the card home so they can properly care for their injury at home days after the practice/game. I developed these cards with the help of my hockey coaches and Mrs. Siburt (Holton’s athletic trainer) to ensure that the information on the cards is reliable and concise.

My goals are to distribute the cards nationally and be recognized by USA Hockey! These cards can be utilized in any sports setting, so contact me ( or @quicc_cards on Instagram) if you are interested in obtaining a set of the cards free of charge.



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