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  • Devyn Wong

My Top 5 Songs to Get Me to Spring Break

The last few days before spring break can sometimes be difficult to get through, but I have always found music to be very helpful to motivate me through those days. Here are my favorite songs that help me stay motivated and prepare me for spring break!

1. “I’m the Best” - Nicki Minaj

OMG, this song is such a confidence booster! All of Nicki Minaj’s songs are amazing, but this one has a special place in my heart. This is on my Manifesting Playlist because it reminds me that I’m the best. It also gives me more motivation to work harder, which is most needed, so I can get all my work done in order to relax during spring break.

2. “just like magic” - Ariana Grande

This is the perfect song to start your day! Put it on right when you wake up. I love playing this song when I wake up because it sets my day up for success! Even if I know I have a busy day, I put this song on, and it calms me down. It reminds me I can get anything done, if I set my mind to it.

3. “Best Friend” - Doja Cat and Saweetie

Doja and Saweetie made a masterpiece when they made “Best Friend!” I put this on when I need a break because it is so fun to get up and dance to. It is also a good song to get energy out after staring at my screen all day.

4. “Good Days” - SZA

If you do not already have this on your playlist you are missing out! SZA’s vocals on “Good Days” are truly incomparable. In all of her music, she has the most goddess-like voice, and this is the perfect song to play while studying because it is so relaxing.

5. “Diva” - Beyonce

Beyonce is a necessity to get through these last few days before spring break. She redefines the word “diva” and uses it as a way to empower everyone who listens to it. “Diva” gives me the same energy that “I’m the Best” does and provides whoever listening to it a reminder that you are a diva, and whatever you do you will succeed!

I hope you enjoy these songs, and that they make the next few days a little easier!



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