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  • Cate Goodin

My Take on New Year’s Resolutions

Photo courtesy of Relish Decor

Hi, Everyone,

I know we are already a few weeks into January, but I still wanted to share my take on New Year’s resolutions. Actually, the fact that we are already into January is totally fine since I really believe that New Year’s resolutions aren't something just confined to January 1st. We are right in the middle of the winter season, but everything feels a little fresher due to the start of the New Year, and now is the perfect time to think of some goals.

I’ve looked up ideas on New Year’s resolutions quite a bit and have read many different views on them. The conclusion I’ve come to is that the most effective approach is making small, attainable goals. They don’t even have to be for the whole year. If you make a few goals at a time, which lead up to a bigger overarching achievement throughout the year, you’ll probably get where you want to be because you have little achievements you can check off. New Year’s resolutions are very commercialized, with a lot of the talk being about how people give them up by February, but I think if you take steps one at a time, you’ll end the year feeling accomplished.

I generally write any goals I have in a planner so that I can refer to them and have them a few pages away when I am writing in my to-dos for the week. Some goals I’m keeping in mind are going to sleep earlier, trying to do something active every day and getting outside every day since I’ve been spending a lot of my day sitting at a desk. Instead of just writing these goals down once, I am trying to specifically write them down every week, what little ways I’ll incorporate them into my schedule and at what time in the day I’ll be able to do them.

I hope some of these suggestions help, and remember that you can’t “fail” at a New Year's resolution.

Have a Goodin day!




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