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My Favorite Childhood Books

I don’t know if it’s because my birthday is in the winter or because it is the start of a new year, but I find myself thinking about my childhood pretty much every winter. I tend to reminisce on the good old days, when I wasn’t stressed about grades. This year, in particular, I’ve been thinking a lot about the books that heavily influenced my childhood. Below I will list the books from my childhood in order from most nostalgic to least nostalgic.

1. The “Magic Tree House” Series by Mary Pope Osborne

I’m pretty sure that almost everyone read these books, but just in case you haven’t, here’s a short summary: the books follow siblings Jack and Annie as their magic tree house whisks them back in time and sends them on adventures. I remember loving these books because I could read them very quickly and because with every new book I learned something new. My favorite ones were the ones about Pompeii, Leonardo da Vinci and the emperor penguins. I especially loved the one about Leonardo da Vinci because it talked about flying, something that’s always fascinated me.

2. “The Fairy Tales Fairies” Series (or the “Rainbow Fairies” books) by Daisy Meadows

I don’t remember much about these books because I originally read them when I first moved to the United States in order to practice my English. What I do remember is loving them. I also have many memories associated with these books; I would go to the library almost every day after school and read these books. I even had special places in the library where I would hide the books, so I could ensure they would be there for me the next day. These books were also one of the first fantasy-esque books I read and began my love for that genre, so I owe them a lot.

3. The “Katie Kazoo Switcheroo” Series by: Nancy Krulik

This series was another frequent library read when I got a little older. The books follow Katie; when she wishes to be someone else, somehow she gets the ability (which occurs in the most awkward situations) to switch bodies with other sentient beings. For some reason these books were really fascinating to me (I think because I was younger than Katie when reading the books, so I thought she was really cool and grown-up), and I couldn’t put them down. My favorite one was when Katie went away to summer camp and switched bodies with a racoon (don’t ask; I don’t why this was my favorite). Similarly to the “Rainbow Fairy” books, I had special hiding spots in the library reserved for these books.

4. The “Geronimo Stilton” Series by: Elisabetta Dami

I didn’t read many books from this series, and as a result, they don’t bring up that many nostalgic memories for me. The only vivid memory I have of this series is the book about Machu Picchu. Following Geronimo Stilton and his friends as they hike up Machu Picchu, it is very eventful and suspending (at least in the eyes of a ten year old). I read this book many times and was constantly checking it out from my school’s library.

5. The “Dork Diaries” by: Rachel Renee Russell

While most people read “The Diary of the Wimpy Kid,” I read the “Dork Diaries.” The premise of the two is very similar, except “Dork Diaries” follows a girl instead of a boy. I read these books at the beginning of middle school, so as a result, I don’t feel necessarily nostalgic when I think about them. I did still really love them, and the day it was time to donate them was a truly sad day for me.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article that was really just an excuse for me to reminisce on my childhood :)!



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