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  • Tomisin Sobande

Music Recs!

Hi, everyone! I’m back again with another article, and this time, I hope to leave you with 10 new songs to listen to. I love music; I always have it playing if possible. If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new music/artists to listen to. So, here are my recommendations (in no particular order), and I’ve added the Spotify links for the albums they are from under my paragraph for each. Okay, let’s go!

1. “GUCCI” - Bree Runway feat. Maliibu Miitch

If you’re looking for a new rapper to get into, this is the song for you! I just recently started listening to Bree Runway, and I love her music. She is a British-Ghanian rapper, and she is one of few female, dark-skinned rappers. She released her first mixtape in 2020, and I 120% recommend it. This song is my favorite. Both of her verses are super-catchy and well done, and Maliibu Miitch’s husky voice perfectly completes the song. If you want to start getting into Bree Runway’s music, this is a great song to start with.

2. “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” - Jazmine Sullivan

If you tuned into the Super Bowl, you probably heard Jazmine Sullivan sing the “Star Spangled Banner” with Eric Church. She is an incredible R&B vocalist with a lot of good music. Her first album came out in 2008, and all of the songs are really well done. This song in particular is vocally impressive and fun to sing along to. It’s a classic ballad, and it’s really interesting to hear Sullivan compare her fear of love to her fears of lions, tigers and bears.

3. “The Other Side” - Jazmine Sullivan

Another Jazmine Sullivan song has made the list! This song is from her latest release. This song is ballad-like, so if you prefer more upbeat songs, it might not be exactly what you’re looking for. But if you enjoy ballads (like me!), you should definitely like this song. Again, her vocals are just incredible, and she’s a really fun artist to listen to. Also, if you’re looking for a more upbeat song of hers to listen to, I recommend “Price Tags” or “Live a Lie.”

4. “Stuck on You” - Giveon

Giveon! Giveon is probably one of my favorite artists at the moment. He is also an amazing singer, and his voice is really deep and rich. This song is from his latest EP, “When It’s All Said and Done,” and I really like it. This song is also slow, but don’t let that fool you! His music is anything but boring.

5. “Last Time” - Giveon feat. Snoh Aalegra

This is another song by Giveon. This time he performs a duet with Snoh Aaelegra, another R&B artist with an amazing voice. Their voices blend together so well to create the perfect duet, and the melody of the song is so satisfying and nice to sing along to.

6. “Sweat” - ZAYN

In the middle of January, ZAYN dropped his third album “Nobody is Listening,” and I think this is his best album yet. “Sweat” is the seventh track, and it’s a classic R&B song. ZAYN shows off his incredible singing skills, and it is very impressive. I recommend listening to the whole album if you have the chance.

7. “Pineapple Skies” - Miguel

Miguel is a well-known pop/R&B singer, and I really like this song. It’s off his album “War & Leisure.” For any readers who have been waiting for an upbeat recommendation, this is for you! “Pineapple Skies” is a really fun song to listen to, and it just has a light, carefree vibe (something we all need right now).

8. “Jet Fuel” - Mac Miller

This song is so good. It’s the eleventh track of Mac Miller’s album “Swimming” and one of my favorites. It has a rocking beat that will keep you interested for all 5 minutes and 45 seconds of the song. And of course, it’s Mac Miller, so the lyrics are amazingly well-written, and I really like reading them.

9. “Want U Around” - Omar Apollo feat. Ruel

I just recently started listening to Omar Apollo, and this is definitely my favorite song of his. His voice with Ruel’s voice is like sonic heaven. Both of their voices have a really nice tone, and they blend really well.

10. “La La Lost You” (Acoustic Version) - NIKI

NIKI is also one of my favorite artists right now. She has a really pretty voice, and she also writes most, if not all of her music. This song is from a collaborative album that was made among many artists under the label, 88Risings, that she is also under. Personally, I think her songs are the best, and this song is my favorite, specifically the acoustic version. The original version is really good too, but I think the acoustic version just gives it a better feel.

I didn’t realize this article was going to be this long, but I hope you’ve found at least one new song to listen to, and I hope you like it! Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you again next week :)



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