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  • Sophia Zachary

M3GAN: Blumhouse Productions’ Newest Science Fiction Horror Film

Can Chucky and Annabelle dance as well as M3GAN? The internet has given its answer, and it is a hundred percent no.

In 2023, Blumhouse Productions plans to release its new movie “M3GAN,” and people are excited for a new, haunted doll to enter the horror movie scene.

“M3GAN,” which stands for “Model 3 Generated Android,” follows the story of a young girl named Cady, who tragically loses both of her parents in a car crash. Cady’s Aunt Gemma decides to become Cady’s new guardian, but Gemma doesn’t have a single parental bone in her body and has no idea how to comfort Cady while she goes through the loss of her parents. So, instead of Gemma getting her niece a therapist, she decides to mechanically engineer a doll for Cady (as every normal aunt would do, obviously). The doll, named M3GAN (pronounced “Megan”), only has one purpose: protect Cady from any harm.

M3GAN takes her role as Cady’s protector to the extreme, and, thus, a murderous rampage ensues. From the trailer, viewers can tell that this movie is going to have an extremely high kill count and a lot of gruesome moments. Blumhouse Productions does not stray away from intense scary moments on screen, as demonstrated in their previous movies “The Purge,” “Insidious” and “Happy Death Day.” Blumhouse continues to produce movies that start conversations.

What sets M3GAN apart from other homicidal dolls in film are her amazing dance moves, which she busts out during one of her kills featured in the trailer. Her devious boogie caught social media’s attention and has made everybody excited for her movie’s release in early January. So, do you think you’ll be watching “M3GAN” next year? I definitely will be checking it out as soon as possible. Happy Halloween, and please, do not mechanically engineer an evil doll.



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