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  • Ash Srinivas

love with a non-romantic

do you believe in love, darling?

no, i believe in attraction.

you’re probably thinking that i’m a pessimist.

i think there’s a difference


being a pessimist

versus a non-believer.

because there are some people who

simply don’t believe

and others who spend their whole lives

searching for a reason to

yeah, well that’s because it’s one thing to believe

and another to experience

but what do you think happens

when you take faith

and pump it with devotion?

i call it taking a chance.

even when the odds are less forgiving.

isn’t that just trust?

maybe. maybe it’s just a way of saying

we’ll figure it out along the way.

but in a world of seven billion

there’s no human who will only bloom for one

because springs come and go but the

coral orange tulips will bloom the same

maybe so, but isn’t it better?

to twirl under the stars until you’re dizzy

one night, rather than not at all.

and what do you call that?

allowing yourself to be loved, perhaps

what about you, then

do you believe in love?

i believe in us.

[Image via NPR]



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