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  • Sara War

Just a Smile

Do you ever look at someone

And wonder if they think the same

Things that you do?

Maybe that girl in your Spanish class

Also thinks that you should be learning

Something more fun, less work.

Do you ever look at someone

And wonder what they worry about?

Or wonder about their problems?

Maybe they have a problem,

They’re thinking it over in their heads,

Over and over and over again,

But they can’t quite figure it out.

But maybe, maybe if they asked for help,

You could help them. Or maybe if you smiled

Just for a second at them, or made them laugh,

They’d feel a little less worried about it.

Maybe someone walking past you in the hall,

Is lost in their thoughts, overthinking themselves,

But if you smile and wave at them, maybe they’ll smile back.

And if they smile back, it’ll help them at least a little.

If someone looks like they’re struggling, maybe ask if they

Need or want help, just ask once, and maybe they’ll let you.

Be kind, always, because you don’t know

How other people are feeling, or their scars.



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