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  • Alex Mason

Inauguration or DC Fashion Week?

President Joe Biden was officially sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20th. However, it was the stunning, monochromatic looks worn by Jill Biden, Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama and Natalie Biden that stole the show (especially the matching masks).

First Lady Jill Biden wore a monochromatic aquamarine look. She wore an ocean blue wool tweed coat and dress by Alexandra O'Neill, founder of Markarian. She also wore a matching aquamarine mask and gloves. I personally loved the jeweled neck detail on her dress, and I loved the way the aquamarine color complemented her complexion.

Vice President Kamala Harris wore a monochromatic purple look from designer John Rogers while her adorable great-nieces wore matching leopard print coats. Sydney Hawes, Dartmouth High School graduate, designed the leopard coats to look like a coat that Vice President Harris wore as a young girl. Her idea to recreate an old dress of hers was very creative, and her nieces rocked the leopard coats.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama wore a monochromatic maroon look. She wore a maroon Sergio Hudson alpaca sweater and pants with a cashmere coat and a signature Sergio Hudson belt. The gold belt matched the outfit perfectly and added a beautiful final touch. I love the unique pieces of her outfit including the turtleneck, coat, belt and deep maroon color.

Natalie Biden, one of President Biden’s granddaughters, wore a custom monochromatic pink look along with a matching mask. I personally loved all of the aspects of Natalie’s outfit: the light pink dress, baby pink coat with a matching scarf and brown, knee-high boots to add some contrast. Although she is only 16, Natalie has great style, and she rocked the pink outfit. Jill Biden, Natalie Biden, Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama showcased four stunning monochromatic looks at President Biden’s Inauguration. President Biden’s Inauguration was a fashion moment to remember.




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