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How To Read More

If you’re anything like I am, you go through phases where reading is the only thing on your mind and phases where picking up a book feels like a chore. Well, fear not because below I have a list of five ways to get yourself to read more. But remember, if you truly don’t feel like reading, don’t! You never want anything fun to turn into a chore.

1. Find a specific time to read

Deciding on a distinct time to read every day can be very helpful because it, eventually, becomes a part of your routine. For me, the best time to read is right before bed because it serves as a way to relax before going to sleep. I find it especially relaxing after a long day at school to just sit in bed and read a good book for some time. Another perk of reading before bed is that sometimes you have dreams about that book! You don’t have to read before bed, though; if you are a morning person, add it into your morning routine. Or, read right after school as a quick destresser before starting your homework. Just find a time and stick to it!

2. Carry a book with you everywhere you go

This tip kind of contradicts my last one, but carrying a book with you everywhere you go can be a good way to squeeze in reading time. For me, I always have a book with me at school, so if I finish all of my work during my study halls and still have time left over, I can read. Another great place for reading is whenever you are stuck somewhere waiting (think doctor’s offices and the DMV).

3. Try out an audiobook

Audiobooks have been a source of debate among the book community for as long as I can remember. According to some people, they don't count as ‘real’ reading, but, in my opinion, any form of story consumption counts as reading. Audiobooks are great because you don’t have to use your eyes to read, so you can give them a chance to rest. Another great thing about audiobooks is that you can read them almost anywhere because all you need is your phone and some headphones. One of my favorite applications for reading is Libby (thank you Ms. Salata for the recommendation!) because all you have to do is connect your library card, and then you can check out books from your library straight to your phone. The app also has e-books, if you’re into that.

4. Read more than one book at a time

Most of us probably have reading to do for English class, so this item is already a given for us, but reading more than one book at the same time is great because it allows you to switch between stories if you hit a boring part in one book. Personally, I tend to read three different books at once: my required reading at school, a nonfiction book, and a fiction book. This range allows me to have a choice when it comes to what I want to read, and it makes it less likely for me to fall into a slump where I don’t want to read.

5. Don’t be afraid to put down a book

Finally, if a book simply isn’t doing it for you, don’t be afraid to stop reading (unless it’s for school)! There is absolutely no shame with not finishing a book. In fact, for me, it allows me to figure out what type of books I should stay away from in the future.

I hope these tips inspired you to read or helped you gain motivation to read. Have fun reading!



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