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  • Cate Goodin

Getting Ready for Spring

Hi, everyone! I’m so happy that it is starting to feel like spring again. We’re moving through the third trimester, and spring break is so soon. The sunny weather puts me in such a good mood, and I’m excited that by the end of March the sun will be out till around 7:30 p.m.! With the start of spring (officially March 20th) often comes spring cleaning. I love this time to clean out and get ready for wrapping up and finishing the school year strong. I wanted to share some easy and fulfilling ways to set yourself up for spring.

1. Clean out your closet! What clothes did you not touch at all this winter? Maybe you are ready to give them away. I like to go through my closet, find clothes I don’t wear anymore or don’t fit and donate them. Goodwill normally has a donation drive through to make it really easy to give your clothes away.

2. Go through school papers and binders! I like to sort through and throw out a lot of my school papers at the beginning of summer, but it sometimes feels like a big task with piles upon piles of papers in front of me. You can get a head start on cleaning out school items this March, but just make sure you don’t throw away something you might need. While you’re at it, I also recommended cleaning out your backpack, because it can get pretty gross.

3. Clean up your room! With my distance learning week, papers, clothes and random notebooks seem to pile up around my room. I like to take the time at night or on Saturday, when the week has finished, to tidy up. It makes my whole room feel so much cleaner, and even though it's sometimes hard to get myself to do it, I feel so much better after.

Keep powering through, and I hope the sunshine makes it a little easier!




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