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  • Cate Goodin

Fun Ideas for Late November and Early December

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my new blog theme: Seasonal! I’ll be sharing my favorite activities and ideas pertaining to the month or time of the year. I know that Thanksgiving looks very different this year for all of us, but I still think this break has been a lot of fun. It is nice that we had a full week to relax and be festive! Even though we may not be doing our usual activities, there are a lot of ways that we can still make the most of the end of this year. I have a few suggestions on how to enjoy the end of November and the beginning of December.

Try a new recipe! I personally am going to make cinnamon rolls over the break, but you can really make anything. I found this easy recipe where you can make them in only one hour!

Go on a 5k or a 10k! These can be a no-pressure way to get outside and see what you can do. Unfortunately, a lot of the races that happen this time of year, like Turkey Trots and ones in early December, have been cancelled, but you could still try to run one for yourself. You could even plan it with some friends and safely run one together.

Volunteer! There is no doubt that it is especially important to give back to those in your community this year. Whether you want to spend some extra time with an organization you have worked with in the past or see if there are special needs since we are getting into the holiday season, I recommend finding a place where you can connect with your community.

Write a note! Even though Thanksgiving has passed, there is no need for the gratitude to stop now. I know some of us wrote gratitude notes in advisory, but it could be fun to do it even more this month. Getting a handwritten note always feels nice.

I hope you enjoy these suggestions and had a happy and safe break!



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