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  • Devyn Wong

Fact: "Cheetah-licious Christmas" is the Best Christmas Song Ever

The Cheetah Girls remain one of the world’s most illustrious girl groups ever. With three movies, five albums, and countless fans, The Cheetah Girls brand has produced great success. While many may know the classic songs from the movies, including “Cinderella” and maybe “Strut”, the group’s lesser-known album holds one of their best songs: “Cheetah-licious Christmas.”

Now, you may be thinking, “How could this Christmas song surpass “All I Want For Christmas is You” or “Santa Baby”?” (both runner-ups in my all-time favorite Christmas songs) Well, I came up with a list of the four most important things when choosing the best Christmas song.

1. Singability

I asked myself, “Can I hit at least 50% of the notes in this song?” Yes. This song is so simple I could sing it without my family telling me to shut up.

2. Danceability

Again, I asked myself, “Can I dance to this song?” Yes. For a bad dancer, it is important that a song has great dancing potential, so other people will get up and dance, therefore, creating a distraction from my bad dancing skills.

3.Musical composition

This category I thought of a little differently than the others. I asked myself, “Does this song contain sounds that please the ear, and do these notes embody the Christmas spirit?” “Cheetah-licious Christmas” excelled in this area, especially in the embodiment of Christmas spirit.

4. Lyrics

When thinking about the best Christmas songs, the lyrics that express the true meaning of Christmas and the holiday season are the most important factor. Including lines such as “Be Yourself” and “You Got Growl Power” reminds the listeners that love is at the forefront of the Christmas spirit and the love has to start with yourself. With lyrics suitable for the whole family to sing along to, this song is a great addition to any Christmas party playlist because of its focus on self-love and confidence.

“Cheetah-licious Christmas”is a Christmas song staple actually, just a great song that should be celebrated year-long. Too many songs are overrated, leaving this masterpiece without the hype it deserves. I hope I’ve inspired you to give this song a listen because this truly is the best Christmas song ever.



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