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  • Devyn Wong

Election Week on TikTok

I believe this election has been a very important election because it had a huge effect on young people, especially those on social media platforms. It was not only a stressful time but also an anxious one for students. Throughout the entire election season, the majority of social media users shared multiple posts about voting and used their platforms to inspire eligible voters to vote. Seeing influencers post about the election caused young people to research and form their own opinions on the election. When election day finally came, due to its importance, many of us continuously watched the results throughout the week. Despite the strong viewpoints we felt in regards to the election, we still were not able to vote, so we felt useless in the democratic process. However, thanks to social media, we were able to share our viewpoints in a variety of ways. Platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok allowed us to express our political opinions to a large variety of people throughout the entire world.

In particular, TikTok became my favorite social media platform because the content was fun and creative, therefore a much-needed break from mainstream news outlets. On TikTok, all users have what is known as a “For You” page. This page holds a collection of videos based on the content the account holder enjoys. In fact, on my “For You” page, there were several videos concerning topics such as states switching from red to blue, Kanye West’s failed campaign, people celebrating Kamala Harris and Joe Biden’s win and a plethora of many other things related to the election. Here are some of my personal favorites!




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