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  • Sophia Burton

Comical Costumes

The spookiest night of the year has arrived! Can you smell the candy wrappers in the air? The squirrels have already gorged themselves on an all-you-can-eat jack-o-lantern buffet. Yes, that’s right; it’s Halloween! When I was younger, I crafted the most elaborate, dramatic and functionless costumes. One year, my neighbor and I spent months making a food truck out of a giant cardboard box. The costume made us both visually and physically impaired, but we became the neighborhood celebrities for a month.

Now that I’m older, I don’t put as much effort into my costumes, but I think it’s time I get back into it. I hope that I can convince you to join me.

Many of us (including me) default to different versions of classic children’s costumes– for example: a sexy mummy, pirate, Disney princess, zombie, or even a minion. Being at Holton for almost nine years has allowed me to watch the evolution from lower school to middle and upper school costumes. I feel like high school has been going by at record speed, and I miss the creative costumes of Halloween past. Last year, my friend and I agreed to embrace our inner child and wear massive inflatable kid costumes. I was an “Among Us” character, and my friend was the Gingerbread Man. Although we may have looked ridiculous, we had so much fun dressing up. Isn’t the point of Halloween to dress up in silly costumes?

All over my Pinterest feed are comical, easy-to-execute costumes like Ted Lasso, Snail Mail, etc. I encourage everyone to reminisce about their childhood just a little bit this year because we can always save the mature costumes for later. Happy Halloween!!!

[Image via Freepik]



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