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  • EvaJolieCavalier

Climate Change Madness

Climate change is a prevalent issue throughout history, but according to the “Forbes” prediction, 2022 will break the record, as the hottest year so far. The main cause of global warming is excessive carbon dioxide emissions trapping heat in the atmosphere. In addition to carbon dioxide, other greenhouse gasses, such as methane and water vapor, can heat the atmosphere. Although less abundant, they are stronger and more damaging.

NASA and Carbon Brief’s studies argue that without the causes of human intervention (such as air pollution from factories, construction, and vehicle emissions), natural drivers would have pushed our planet to a cooling period. These human-caused emissions have pushed the next ice age to 100,000 years from now, proof that the effect of human-caused emissions will last hundreds of thousands of years. If we don't do something now, it will harm our future, not just 10 years down the road but thousands of years.

According to “Forbes,” in 2022, the average global temperature will increase by 1.96 degrees Fahrenheit compared to the preindustrial averages. This number is significantly more than previous years since the global temperature increased only 0.7 degrees Fahrenheit during the years 2000-2020. The two-degree difference will not only greatly affect conditions in the arctic but also can cause global crop yields to drop by 30% while food demand continues to rise. At this rate, it is scary to imagine what would happen to our planet if every year the temperature were to increase by two degrees.

Research from the United Nations says that the 46 least fortunate countries, 13% of the world's population, and 40% of the world's poorest people are left vulnerable to the effects of climate change. They lack the financial resources to support themselves and effectively combat climate change. There is no clear way to end global warming, but there are many ways to help bring about change. After all, it is left to everyday people like you and me to always be environmentally cautious and aware.

I’ve been trying to think of ways I can help, such as walking or biking to visit my friends instead of driving. Part of the challenge is having enough time to not have to drive everywhere, so I have to be more organized with my time, less busy, and able to take the time to walk or bike somewhere instead of always driving. I know it may not seem like much for one person to commit this action, especially compared to the pollution a factory puts out in one day, but even small actions make a difference when multiplied by hundreds or thousands of people doing their part.



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