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  • Rin Iimi and Joyce Wu

Cereal VS. Granola


Although most people typically eat cereal for breakfast, you can oftentimes find me snacking on it throughout the day. Since I was young, my sister and I would scamper up and down the cereal aisle hunting for our favorite flavors, probably the reason why I’ve tried many of the cereal options out there. Thus, here are some of my all-time favorite cereals, their brands and a little anecdote behind them.

Golden Grahams

The first time I ever had Golden Grahams was actually at one of my team-travel swim meets when I was 10. Somehow, I either missed my alarm or forgot to wake up in time for breakfast, so my roommate and I had to scamper downstairs to unfortunately miss out on eating with everyone else. Luckily, an older teammate of mine saw us come in late and gave me one of those cute, mini boxes of Golden Grahams she originally saved for her own snacking. *Aww!!* That being said, Golden Grahams bring back fond memories of that travel trip I went to as well as the kiss of honey (that also sweetens your milk) on each crunchy graham cracker always encourages me to buy a box of Golden Grahams when I’m at a grocery store.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Okay, I know Cinnamon Toast Crunch has a lot of sugar, and it is probably not the most health-conscious food someone can eat, but you gotta admit...a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch can almost never go wrong, even if you snack on it without milk. Unfortunately, my mom stopped buying it in 2018 when one of my dry land coaches discouraged my teammates’ parents and her from feeding us “too much sugar in the morning,” but when I head off to college, I know I’m going to bring a box of this cereal with me to school… :)

On another note, last year in my French class we had to make a “day in our life” video, and I got criticized for pouring dark chocolate almond milk in my bowl that morning instead of plain, regular milk. Listen to me people: chocolate milk with cereal is so good. You have to try it at least once, and I promise you that it adds more flavor to your cereal. :)


Personally, I’m not a huge fan of cereal. I’ll eat it if there’s nothing else, but I won’t go looking especially for it. Dry cereal is fine, but the soggy feeling after it touches milk makes me slightly uncomfortable.

I’m a huge fan, however, of granola, which is I guess sometimes also considered a type of cereal (mainly because it retains its crunch even when you mix it with other liquidy things). My favorite method of eating granola is definitely putting it on top of yogurt with some freshly cut bananas and strawberries. I also sometimes put aloe jelly, which is hard to find around here but very refreshing, on it.

Another use for granola that’s high on my list of go-to-snacks are smoothies or acai bowls. Frozen fruit blended into a smooth, creamy texture with some crunchy granola on top is probably the most refreshing snack you can have on a scorching hot summer day.

Whether it’s on top of yogurt, with a smoothie or just plain, granola is the perfect (and not to mention healthy) snack for any occasion.



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