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  • Sophia Zachary

Cafes in D.C. that I Love

Do you enjoy coffee? Need a cute, little date spot for your partner? Well, I’ve got exactly what you need.

Through my love of coffee sipping and pastry tasting, I have compiled a list of coffee shops, cafes and bakeries in DC that are absolutely to die for. My credentials for this list include: being a fifth generation Washingtonian, frolicing in Georgetown 24/7 and paying attention when a new restaurant pops up.

This list is not in order from favorite to least (simply because it is too difficult for me to choose and these cafes have extremely delicious items).

  1. Bread Furst

Love is in the air, and so is the delicious smell of pastries and coffee beans whenever you walk into Bread Furst. Located on Connecticut Ave NW, Bread Furst is applauded for its tasty lattes and baked goods.

The bakery serves all sorts of coffee including dripped coffees, americanos, cafe au laits and cappuccinos. Bread Furst also offers a plethora of seasonal treats, and my favorite pastry from them by far are its small Maryland apple pies.

What I personally enjoy most about Bread Furst is all the other activities you can partake in around town. After having your adorable, little coffee date, I would recommend taking the train down to the DC Improv Comedy Club, which is also on Connecticut Ave. If you would prefer something within walking distance, I would also recommend that you check out Comet Ping Pong.

2. Urban Roast

When it comes to cafes and coffee, Urban Roast is a little more upscale. Urban Roast is known for its beautiful decorations that change seasonally, so I would recommend that the best time to visit Urban is during the spring. That is when it displays beautiful, pink cherry blossoms all over the interior and serves desserts based on the trees.

Although this article is mainly about coffee, Urban Roast does have an amazing cocktail bar (which I obviously cannot indulge in), but it does have delicious mocktails that are equally as great.

Urban is a little more brunch and less cafe, so if you want to absolutely spoil your loved one, I would recommend checking this place out. You can find Urban Roast in Penn Quarter across the street from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library.

3. Firehook Bakery

I simply cannot express my love for this bakery in words.

Firehook Bakery, located in Dupont Circle, has some of the most glorious pastries in DC you could ever find. Not only does it produce the best cakes ever offer some of the best savory baked goods in the city.

Have you ever tried the spinach feta wrap from Starbucks and said to yourself, “Wow, I just paid $3.25 for a subpar sandwich. Although I enjoyed the flavor, I wish I could experience this sandwich on another level?” My advice to you is to run as fast as you can to Firehook Bakery and get yourself a spinach feta croissant. Firehook does not have the best coffee, but its pastries are unmatched.

If you want to take yourself, your partner or a family member out for a nice time this week, I hope this list gave you some inspiration.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

[Image via Unsplash]



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