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  • Eden Wong

Black Owned Businesses

Welcome back to my series of black-owned businesses to support!

As summer is approaching I want to highlight two amazing skincare brands to keep your skin healthy and clear!

As the weather gets warmer and the sun starts to come out more, it’s even more important for us to wear sunscreen every day! However, sunscreen can be very challenging to find if your skin is darker because the most common ingredient in sunscreen is zinc. Zinc protects your skin from the sun however it often leaves a white cast over your face after applying sunscreen making it especially hard for people of color, or just more melanated people in general, to find a sunscreen that protects your skin and looks good as it should blend to your skin. Thankfully, Shontay Lunday created a sunscreen that eliminates all of these problems! Her “Black Girl Sunscreen” is perfect for everyday use and will give your face a dewy glow that lasts throughout the whole day. I highly suggest if you struggle with any of the problems listed above, you buy this product. Infused with jojoba and avocado oil, it perfectly moisturizes and protects my face. Black Girl Sunscreen is a must-have for the summer and works great for those who like to have a glowy face!

The next brand was created by Olowe and Claudia Teng, two roommates, who during quarantine formulated and started their own business: Topicals. At only 24 years old, these women received incredible investments. In an interview with Allure, “Olowe is proud that she has so many women, particularly Black women, as financial backers. ‘I was really excited as a Black woman to be in a position where our company was highly sought after,’”. Their “Faded” product targets dark spots and discoloration and is formulated with niacinamide which helps to protect the skin from future “flare-ups''. Their other product, “Like Butter” is for those who have dry and sensitive skin, and also helps those with eczema. These products are available at Sephora or on their website

Hope you check out these brands!




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