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  • Eden Wong

Black Owned Business for the Summer!

Hey, everyone! To close out the school year, I wanted to leave you a black-owned option to help kick start your summer break! This business is right here in the DC area and is an excellent idea for something to do during your days off!

BOOMBOX, located on Van St SE, is the perfect blend of workout and party! With its booming playlists, you will feel just like you are at a live concert. If you did not get it already, it's a clever play on words; boom” emphasizes what the music feels like because of its loud volume. And of course, the “box” exemplifies the activity. Reggie and Angela founded BOOMBOX “to empower and inspire, while making the health benefits of boxing-inspired training accessible to all fitness levels and backgrounds.” With BOOMBOX you get to enjoy the reward of working out, and if it gets too tough, you can drown it out with your favorite music.

Both offered classes have the same strength exercises. The BEATBOX workout is curated to follow the beat of the music, so it's easy to catch up if you need a quick breath. And the BOOMBOX workout adds in footwork, undictated by the classic eight-count beat the BEATBOX workout has. Both of the workouts not only get you fit but also teach you foundational boxing techniques and defense positions. If you are looking to enjoy a fun workout, release all the stress of a challenging school year or simply jam out to loud music, BOOMBOX is the place for you!

Thank you for supporting black-owned businesses, and have a great summer!

Here's the link to schedule your class today!



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