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Best YouTube Workouts to Stay Active during the Offseason

With the holidays right around the corner, sports practices will be put on pause until New Year’s Day. Although the holidays are a time to relax and rewind, it is important for athletes to stay active and conditioned so that they are ready for the latter half of their sport’s season. This article will outline several fitness YouTubers and my favorite workouts from each channel. Scheduling certain times to workout three to five times a week over the break will help keep your accountable.

1. MadFit

Boasting a following of almost five million, MadFit posts frequent workout videos that tailor to a wide range of exercisers and different body parts. From HIIT workouts to dance workouts, she has a video for everyone, including those without equipment! She rarely repeats movements and is right there doing the workout with you. Furthermore, she doesn’t talk very much, so if you’re not looking for someone to talk to you the entire time and instead have good music playing, MadFit’s videos are for you! One downside is that she doesn’t offer any modifications for any of the movements. I tend to do my own movement(s) when she is doing one I cannot do because of my injuries.

30-minute low impact workout

Suitable for: Athletes who want to get their heart rate up and work their whole body but cannot do high-intensity workouts (due to injuries, etc.). No equipment needed!

15 minute HIIT workout

Suitable for: Athletes who want to get their hard rate up and mimic a high intensity practice in a short amount of time. No equipment needed!

2. Sydney Cummings

With over 1,100 workout videos, Sydney Cummings has a workout for virtually every need, body part and workout duration you can think of. From kickboxing to pilates to full body bootcamp workouts, you’ll never run out of options to choose from! It feels like she’s working out right next to me because of her support during the workout, and time passes by so quickly during her workouts. Unlike many YouTubers, she offers both easier and harder modifications for many of her movements. She also has month-long challenges that you can undertake to really challenge yourself.

40-minute full body HIIT workout

Suitable for: Athletes who want to work their whole body in a high intensity, fun workout. No equipment required!

45-minute cardio kickboxing workout

Suitable for: Athletes who want a workout that gets your heart rate up with lots of movement that’s a little different from your typical workout. No equipment required!

3. Zeus Fitness

Offering real-time home workouts with dumbbells, resistance bands or no equipment, Zeus Fitness’ workouts will leave you drenched in sweat and feeling AMAZING. His 10-20 minute workouts leave me feeling like I’ve been lifting for an hour straight. The workouts are challenging, but his encouragement pushes me to keep going. Whatever body part you want to work, he has a video for you.

20-minute full body dumbbell workout

Suitable for: Those who want to strengthen their upper and lower body using weights.

20-minute upper body dumbbell workout

Suitable for: Athletes who want to strengthen their upper body using dumbbells.

4. MrandMrsMuscle

I actually discovered their channel yesterday! This pair is located in Dubai (offers a great window view!!) and has a wide variety of workouts that are guaranteed to get your heart rate up and work a sweat. From knee-friendly workouts to HIIT workouts with low impact modifications to standing core workouts, you’ll never run out of videos to choose from. One aspect I particularly admire in their videos is that they get straight into the workout without any introduction and have upbeat music playing in the background.

15-minute abs and core circuit

Suitable for: Those who want to strengthen their core but don’t feel like getting out of their room (me!). No equipment required!

10-minute full body workout

Suitable for: Those who want a quick but intense full body workout. No equipment required.



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