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  • Serena Hong and Fiona Turnbull

Best products to buy to stay healthy

Hey, loyal fans and readers! We are here to give you the best products to buy that will help you stay motivated and healthy and will make your life better.

First up with this new trend: the water bottles with time markers. I saw someone carrying this water bottle one day at school and was instantly inspired. I personally bought it and enjoy the hourly reminder to drink water. This small, affordable purchase can easily help anyone with staying hydrated throughout the day and living a healthier lifestyle. Drinking water can help with: protecting organs and joints, regulating body temperature, maintaining electrolyte balance, and flushing bacteria from your body. I am so glad I made this simple purchase because it helps with making me feel healthier and better each day. Click here, motivational water bottle, if you want to get one yourself!

Next up is this massage gun. Have you ever thought to yourself, “What I need in my life is a five- minute, no-assembly-required, at-home, deep tissue massage?” If so, this section is for you! I personally became inspired when freshman year I discovered this world-altering device in Ms. Siburt’s office, but it came to be a bigger part of my life when my dad bought one recently. I use it whenever I feel sore or just need those at-home spa vibes, and now you, too can have access to this magical investment. Although it is a little on the expensive side, just think about how much money you’re saving overall by doing at home massages! Click here to shop.

Third, although this is already fairly popular, I think it’s only fair we do the Fitbit justice and give it some hype. The combination of the actual watch as well as the app will help you aspire to all your fitness goals. The blue circles on the app that show how close you are to your daily goal and having them turn green when you reach it might be the most satisfying thing ever. There are tons of variations and lots of opportunities for personalization, so I highly recommend checking it out.

Last up, check out the peloton app for free instructional workouts that will have you working hard and getting in shape for the summer! The activity challenges along with the ability to track activity and achievements leaves you feeling fulfilled and inspired. There are a plethora of different skills you can work on including, strength, outdoor, and crushing your core! It is free and super easy to navigate, so I would totally suggest it!

Thanks so much for reading our article, and we hope some of these ideas can help you get in the best shape for the summer and staying healthy overall!!

Much love,

Fiona and Serena




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