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  • Serena Hong and Fiona Turnbull

Best of the Best Jewelry Trends

Hello fabulous readers! Today we are bringing you…...

The Best of the Best jewelry trends that you need to get on ASAP to be an accessory connoisseur!!

Gold jewelry is in, specifically gold bracelets. We recommend getting yourself one of the popular gold beaded bracelets so that everyone will think that you are hip and cool! They are not only super easy to find, but also an affordable accessory that you can layer with another awesome bracelet of your choice! The gold style will make you look super bougie and luxurious. These bracelets can also allow you to have some creativity. You can start a Pinterest board to explore different options of combinations that would look good together. Another pair of stack bracelets that would look great are these makeshift paper clip looks that pair great with beaded bracelets. Just today, I saw one of our classmates rocking these beautiful stack bracelets and fell in love with them. I wanted to see where I could acquire them. You can look for these bracelets at Baublebar, Target, Adina’s Jewels, ALV Jewels, and more!

Has COVID got you missing hugs? Well to compensate, check out huggie earrings! Hoops are making a comeback in large and small sizes. Personally, I love putting on a classically cute huggie for an everyday look. Although we wear uniforms you can bedazzle your look with this first rate choice of an earring. Check out: for some cool choices if you are looking to spruce up your earring collection (average price is around $30).

...Gold vibe continued. Get your cosmic on with a couple of star and moon necklaces, perfect for stacking and layering together. Remember: you ARE a star, and you need to accessorize like it. We recommend a combination of a half moon necklace and star choker. Perfect for any occasion!

Also, everyone loves their first initial! Let people know who YOU are. Put it on full display with this Kate Spade initial necklace. Although the Anthropology initial necklaces were very popular in our younger high school years, bring it up a level and go classic with this. They come in a couple different colors, although much to our frustration they don’t have every single initial (including F and S). Although I cannot wear one of these fabulous accessories, you should not be denied that enjoyment!

Side note: flummoxed when that constantly-asked question “What’s your name” comes up? Look no further!! Go the extra mile and invest in a necklace with your full name on it!! Never be confused again, and look cute doing it. Click here!

Tired of not seeing people’s faces because of COVID? Invest in a smile, conveniently printed on this adorable ring. Whether you're having a bad day and need a little happiness, or you’re on top of the world and looking for a friend, this super cute smiley face ring will NOT let you down. Check it out here.

With lots of enthusiasm for accessorizing,

Serena and Fiona :)




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