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  • Serena Hong and Fiona Turnbull

Best Fashion Trend Comebacks

It’s been hard to miss lately: early 2000s trends are back and on the rise. Think Lindsay Lohan, iPods, Brad and Jen. Today, we're going to discuss a couple of our favorite trends that have made serious comebacks and offer some inspiration for how you might try these out.

Baguette bags: Before doing this article I referred to these as “tiny bags I see on Instagram,” but I am happy to say I’ve learned they are actually called Baguette bags. Although these might not be the most practical of accessories, they are great for spicing up any outfit and they add a cute pop to whatever you’re wearing. They also strike a good balance between large enough to fit something but not too aggressive. Here are our favorite looks:

For this one I love how the outfit is super simple but with the bag it makes it look a lot more put together

Pink + baguette bag = fabulous

Next up: hair accessories

This one is particularly timely seeing as just yesterday I walked up to CVS to purchase a claw clip! I’ve been seeing a lot of hairstyles using different types of accessories recently, but our favorite by far is the claw clip. It strikes a great balance between a casual, messy bun look but can also look put together and almost professional. It also works across the seasons, for a summery, shorts and t-shirt look or a more winter vibe with a sweater and jeans. Check out our favorite looks for this:

Put your hair up, throw on a white cable knit sweater, and it's almost like you're in Paris (or wherever this picture is being taken)

2 in one!! Baguette bag + claw clip!

Last but not least: bell bottoms

Okay, I know this isn’t a 2000s trend (try 30 years earlier) but I am OBSESSED with bell bottoms. I’m not sure if it's the intense contrast between normal fitting jeans with the massive “bell” at the bottom or how walking around in them always makes me feel like I’m in a movie or the fact that they seem like they can turn any ensemble instantly stylish and unique. Also, they work for any time and place: dress up, dress down, warn, cold, you name it. I could definitely write a whole term paper on my love for bell bottoms, but since this is is limited space, here are our favorite looks:

Both sweaters and sweatshirts are classic bell bottom pairing options!

A less wintery look here, and the beanie (and shirt, duh) gives it some New York big city vibes (image via Free People).

Fashion Week takes place twice a year, once in September and another in February/March. Lots of brands are adapting by going digital for their brand while London Fashion Week announced that the entire event will be going digital. The filming and shooting guidelines will constantly review activity with people outside their immediate household. If you want to go and look at London’s Fashion Week, check it out on! Not only that, but lots of brands are adopting the “ready to wear” concept that allows the products they show ready for the mass public to buy. If you’re interested in any of the spring 2021 ready to wear, check out this link from “Vogue” detailing the brands and clothes!

Additionally, designers are no longer held by the constraints of Fashion Week (time and places) because of COVID, so lots of Brands like Tom Ford are able to adapt more towards what they would like to do. For example, last year Ford took his show to Hollywood, where he staged a celebrity packed event on Oscar weekend. Steven Kolb, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA's) CEO acknowledged this change and stated, “The fashion industry became more global;, we started to see some American fashion brands wanting to show outside of New York.” It was great to see how all these brands adapted and how these fashion week trends might change future fashion!

Thank you for catching up with the Best of the Best Fashion happening right now! We hope that you enjoyed our blog and will continue to check out our articles!


Serena and Fiona

Image 2 via Pinterest



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