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  • Cate Goodin

April Activities

Hi, Everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful Spring Break that gives you the energy for the rest of the year! I am looking forward to this April and really hoping that it’s warm and relatively dry so that we can take advantage of the outdoors. Now, with most of us going back on campus full time, weekend time becomes all the more special. I have the best activities for you to spend your weekends in April!

  1. Visit the Cherry Blossoms! The peak bloom happened very recently, so if you are able to make it down to the National Mall in the coming weeks, the trees should be beautiful.

  2. Have a picnic with your friends or family! A picnic is a nice activity that can be socially distanced but still be a lot of fun. Bring a blanket, a good lunch and some flowers if you are feeling fancy, and find a park when there is a day with warm weather.

  3. Paint! Have a painting party with your friends. This activity can also be done outside, and you can get inspired by each other and maybe even swap paintings in the end. You can find a paint set and canvases either at a local art store or online!.

  4. Hike! Again, you can do this activity with friends or family, and it is a great way to get outside and get some exercise. Everything is so green right now, so make sure to take in nature.

I think April will be a lot of fun!




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