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  • Lily Wyatt and Nora Goodin

A Week of Water

Lily: This week Nora and I decided to increase the amount of water we drink. I will be the first to admit that I don't drink nearly enough water. On a normal day I go through probably one to two hydroflasks (32-64 ounces). I also get frequent headaches in the evenings. I decided to drink at least 100 ounces of water each day this week. I counted my water intake in water bottles, with each being 32 ounces. My goal was to drink four bottles a day, with three being acceptable.

On the first day I was prepared. I had filled my water bottle the night before and finished my first bottle by 9 am. Throughout the day I felt pretty normal, but I did notice I didn't get a headache at night.

The other days this week weren't quite as smooth. Two separate days I forgot to drink until 2 pm, and then I found myself drinking a whole bottle in one sitting. Unfortunately, one day I didn't meet my goal because I fell asleep unexpectedly.

This week helped me realize how ingrained my habits are and how much work it will take to fix them. Something as simple as not drinking enough water was hard to correct. That being said, I did notice a significant decrease in the number of headaches I got throughout the week.

Nora: Similarly to Lily, I definitely do not drink enough water and find myself substituting it with iced coffee or sparkling water. I’ve honestly never paid attention to specifically how much I drink, so I was really excited to do this. My goal was four S’well bottles of water per day (68 ounces). I set my standards pretty low, and yet I still didn’t end up meeting them somehow.

On both Monday and Friday, I forgot to drink any water for the whole morning and ended up drinking only two bottles for the rest of the day. On Tuesday, I made sure to fill up my water bottle in the morning and bring it to my desk for school. I did well in the morning and drank a full bottle by about 9:30, but I just stopped paying attention and ended up drinking only three bottles by the end of the day. I was really proud of myself on Wednesday and Thursday because I met my goal both days. I found it helpful to set smaller goals for myself throughout the day, like drinking half a bottle by the end of each class.

Because I still wasn’t drinking a crazy amount of water, I didn’t notice any huge changes, but I was a little less tired during the day, and I felt less hungry. I think I’ve been mistaking being thirsty for being hungry, so I’ve been eating snacks instead of drinking water. I definitely want to stick to this routine and hope to add more water in the future so that I can see more benefits like clearer skin and good stamina. I definitely recommend that you all challenge yourselves to drink more water too!



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