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  • Bella Terhune

A Pokemon Fashion Show!

Welcome back, Pokemon trainers! This month, I’ll be talking about fashion, a topic little-discussed in the world of Pokemon. The closest thing to a fashion show that the Pokemon universe has is the Pokemon Musical in Unova. Trainers dress up their Pokemon, who then dance to one of four songs on stage. These outfits are beautiful, but they are definitely not functional. I will be holding my own Pokemon fashion show that combines utility in battle with beauty on the musical stage. Please enjoy these stunning outfits!

Drawn by Bella Terhune

First up we have Charizard. She spends her days traversing dungeons as part of a veteran rescue team, so she needs an outfit that will protect her from all the dangers that a dungeon can throw at her. First, we have the heavy-duty boots, which protect Charizard from entry hazards such as Stealth Rock. The thick soles will also protect her feet as she walks across sharp rocks, shallow water, and other terrain. The boots are not pretty, but utility can be stylish nonetheless.

Next are the protective pads. In battle, these protect Charizard from the side effects of contact moves, such as poison from the ability Poison Point and paralysis from Static. Furthermore, they protect Charizard from other Pokemons’ attacks and environmental hazards. The thick, armored look of the pads also matches with the heavy-duty boots. The blue color of the fabric contrasts well with Charizard’s scaly, orange skin.

The third item here is the defense scarf. This common item slightly boosts the defense stat of the holder. Its simple design, white with a few black dots on two corners, offsets the busyness of the boots and pads. It is a tradition for members of rescue teams to wear ribbons around their necks. The scarf allows Charizard to participate too without sacrificing practicality.

The final item is the safety goggles. These green and red specs protect the wearer from weather damage and powder and spore moves. Adverse weather is one of the most dangerous dungeon conditions. These goggles will help Charizard complete floor after floor in sandstorm or hail. Immunity to powder and spore moves comes in useful when fighting grass types in forested dungeons. This outfit has both style and utility for serious rescue teams everywhere.

Drawn by Bella Terhune

Next up we have Ampharos. Ampharos is a powerful Pokemon that takes part in many tough trainer battles, so she needs items that help her out without weighing her down. The first item we have is the special band on her left ear. It slightly boosts her special attack so that she can fire off stronger Thunderbolts and Rock Gems. With its small size, she could easily put another one on her other ear for an even bigger stat boost.

The second item is the recovery scarf around her neck. It helps Ampharos recover from status conditions, like burn and poison, faster. Without this scarf, she would not be able to recover from these conditions without a status-curing item or move like Heal Bell. Warding off status is crucial to maintaining peak performance in a challenging fight.

Next up is the related eject pack, the light backpack you can see on Ampharos. Fashion wise, its white color matches well with Ampharos’ white stomach and overall pale color scheme. Battle wise, it’s a one-use item that forces Ampharos to switch out whenever its stats are lowered. Keeping your stats up is another key factor to doing well in battles. Too many stat drops can force a trainer to switch out their Pokemon, an action that ruins their momentum and puts the entering Pokemon in the way of the opponent’s move. Since Ampharos is a slow Pokemon, the eject pack forces a slow switch that takes the weakened Ampharos out and puts a teammate in for free. Ampharos can then come back in when needed at full strength.

The final item is the lucky ribbon around Ampharos’ left ankle. Its purple fabric contrasts with Ampharos’ yellow skin while the ribbon’s yellow fabric matches it. The lucky ribbon protects her from critical hits without Lucky Chant or an ability like Shell Armor. The extra damage from a critical hit can ruin your strategy in battle, so the ribbon takes one aspect of randomness out of a Pokemon battle. Ampharos’ outfit may look simpler than Charizard, but a good item combination can sometimes be the key to victory.

Drawn by Bella Terhune

Finally, we have Vaporeon. She is also part of a rescue team, but hers is not as serious as Charizard’s. Vaporeon’s young rescue team travels through smaller dungeons to strengthen itself and recruit new friends for the team. As a result, she needs a simple outfit that can serve her well in dungeons.

The first part of the outfit is the mystic water around her neck. The necklace, shaped like a raindrop, is small yet elegant. It boosts the power of the user’s water type moves by 20%. Along with STAB, this boosts the power of Vaporeon’s water type moves by 80%. The extra power allows Vaporeon to take on stronger opponents in dungeons and improve herself faster.

The second item is the joy ribbon on her right head fin. This item grants Vaporeon experience points as she walks through dungeons and whenever she takes damage. The ribbon rewards not only the exploration of large floors but also battling tough opponents. The extra experience makes her level up faster and helps her grow stronger.

The final item is the friend bow on her right head fin. Together, the bows look adorable on Vaporeon and on any Pokemon. The red and pink contrast with Vaporeon’s blue skin. The friend bow increases the recruitment rate of Pokemon in a dungeon. A growing rescue team needs to recruit many Pokemon from dungeons to bolster their ranks. Additionally, more Pokemon allow a rescue team to craft rescue groups perfect for specific dungeons. This bow will help Vaporeon’s rescue team grow in size quickly. This outfit will help her team achieve its great potential!

I hope you all enjoyed the fashion show! Although this is one of my shortest articles, I am grateful that I got to draw these fun images of the dressed-up Pokemon. Without them, it would be nearly impossible to picture these outfits the way I intended them. Thank you, Pokemon trainers, for reading my article, and I’ll see you next month with more Pokemon writing!



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