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  • Nora Goodin

Which Social Media App Will Help You Through Quarantine?

Now that we haven’t been in school for about two months, it can feel like we’ve lost a connection with our friends and it’s harder to catch up. Lucky for us, we live in the age of social media! While it’s not the same as real face-to-face interaction, we can still see what everyone is up to and feel like we aren’t alone. So, which apps should you use?

Starting off with the classic social media of our generation, we have Instagram. It feels like this app is constantly changing and developing. Remember when stories weren’t a thing and the only thing that people would post was food in bad lighting? What a simple time. I think that Instagram is pretty fun in moderation, especially during times like these when we can’t catch up with our friends in person. Right now most people’s pictures are in their house or backyard, but this quarantine has given people a chance to become really creative with their photos. There are also a lot of accounts out there with ideas for what to do while we’re stuck at home, so those are great to scroll through when you’re bored.

Next, there’s Snapchat. I think this app is a really good way to keep in touch with friends and is a little more personal than Instagram. It’s nice to tap through friends’ stories and see that many of us are in the same situation, and I think it can help us grow closer together, even when we’re apart. Even if you don’t really use stories, it’s fun to get both snaps and chats from friends, especially now that fewer people keep streaks.

Of course, we can’t forget Tiktok, the most downloaded social media app, and the newest one on the list. Tiktok was “founded” in August of 2018, but it was previously known as under a different owner. Since then, this app has been a place for people to post pretty much any video they want. There are quite a few Tiktok “celebrities” who have the “hype,” but anyone can blow up on this app if they’re lucky enough. Right now Tiktok makes up 14 hours of my screen time from this past week, so it's safe to say that I have not gotten bored of it yet. With a scarily specific algorithm and millions of active users, you can stay put on this app for the whole day and not even notice the time go by.

I hope that nobody is getting too bored in their house, and if you are, I hope this article helped you. Please remember to socially distance but still be social! Stay safe everyone!

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