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Ways to Make $$ During Quarantine

With most in-person stores closed, everyone has one way to purchase new clothing items: online shopping. To support many people’s addictions to buying clothing and other goods online, here are a couple ways to make extra cash during quarantine while still following social distancing guidelines.

  1. Sell your used clothing on platforms like Poshmark, Depop, Instagram, etc.! This idea would be a perfect opportunity to get rid of clothes you sorted out during your spring declutter session and make some extra cash from it.

Some tips on successfully selling clothing on reselling platforms:

  1. Tag your items with relevant tags (eg. the brand name, style).

  2. Take clear pictures in good lighting and of every angle. Any phone camera works perfectly!

  3. Sell homemade products such as clothing you made (eg. tie-dyed or bleached), paintings, blankets, etc.! You can even take up a new hobby such as knitting or sewing and sell those products on platforms like Instagram or Etsy as well.

  4. Take photographs and sell them as stock photos! Check out (You have to be 18 to do this.)

  5. Bake desserts, and sell them to friends and family! Why not put your new and improved baking skills to use?

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