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Our Special Quarantine Essentials

We (Nora and Estelle) have decided to collaborate and share our quarantine must-haves! Some of these items may be used all the time, and some are our personally cultivated essentials to surviving these months in our homes.

Snacks: Oftentimes when people get bored, they start to think that they’re hungry. During quarantine, we have tried to find some healthier snack options.

1. Dried/Freeze Dried fruit: I know it doesn’t always look appealing, but dried fruit is a great sweet snack that can be found in almost any grocery store. We recommend dried mango from Trader Joe’s or their freeze-dried strawberries. If you don’t feel like going to the grocery store, you can also try making your own in the oven.

2. Hippeas: This snack is a great alternative to chips. As the name implies, Hippeas are a chickpea-based snack, but they come in all different flavors and shapes. Our favorite flavor is “Bohemian Barbecue,” but some other fun flavors include “Rockin’ Ranch” and “Sriracha Sunshine.”

3. Peanut butter and banana: This combination is not only a delicious combination but also a great way to get some protein before you go to class or after a workout. The best part about this combo is there are so many variations. A lot of us at Holton like putting it on our toast.. Recently on TikTok, users have been spreading peanut butter on a tortilla, rolling it up with a banana inside and cutting it into little bite-sized pieces. There are a bunch of different ways to choose from, but any way you go will be delicious and nutritious!

Workouts: Quarantine is the perfect time to experiment with all types of fitness and find your favorite since we have more time on our hands. So, throw some sneakers on, turn up the music and get pumped!

1. Chloe Ting: The beloved queen of Quarantine fitness is a must-have. From her famous 10-minute abs (that now has 89 million views!) to her ten-minute arm burn, she provides quick (but definitely challenging!) routines for every part of the body! We can confidently say that she is not overhyped! If you only have 20 minutes in between classes and are looking to get some movement in, we would highly recommend checking out her YouTube channel.

2. Another one of our fave fitness programs is POPSUGAR fitness. On its YouTube channel, they offer many different workouts: both body-part specific and full-body, ranging anywhere from five to 60-minute videos! All the instructors are really enthusiastic and radiate only the best vibes. The best part about these workouts is they aren’t all the average run-of-the-mill HIIT routines. A lot of their videos incorporate fun cardio alternatives like kickboxing and Zumba that keep you engaged and entertained.

3. While this is seemingly one of the most common quarantine activities people have been doing, running makes for a great, zero equipment exercise that allows you to get away from your screen and enjoy the springtime outdoors. It can be sometimes hard to find the motivation to run, especially if it's not your favorite activity, so we recommend you find unique ways to motivate yourself. For instance, make a pact with one of your family members (or whoever you are quarantined with) to run a certain amount of time each day together. Hold yourself accountable and find little ways that you can reward yourselves when you hit goals. Challenge yourselves to run two miles every day for a week and then have a movie night. Another way to find some inspiration to run is to get involved in running challenges that are raising money for good causes such as the ONE LOVE foundation. You can seek out others help by getting mile-based donations and then running/walking/biking a certain amount. This way, you can get some exercise in and help out a great cause. See this link for more info: (note that this isn’t the only program fundraising right now).

Home improvement: I’m sure a lot of you are tired of being stuck in the same environment for such a long time now, and so we have a few ideas for spicing up your home!

1. A photo wall: Since we have all been away from our friends for so long, it’s nice to see pictures to remind us of all the good memories that we have together and remind us that there will be more memories to come! A photo wall is very simple to make. The first step is choosing your photos. You can choose as many as you want, depending on how much space you have on your wall. The next step is printing them. This can be done on your printer at home or at a local drug store like CVS or Walgreens. Some companies like Shutterfly and Mpix will print your photos and ship them to you. After you have your photos, arrange them on your wall and attach them with painters tape. Your friends’ smiling faces will surely brighten up your home!

2. Paintings: Art is a great way to pass the time in quarantine, and adding it to your wall is a fun way to change your room. If you don’t think of yourself as an artist, still give it a try. You might surprise yourself! The best part about this activity is that you don’t need to paint an elaborate masterpiece. It can be as simple as an ombré canvas with a quotation that you like. We recommend trying different media like paper, canvas, paint, markers or anything that you can find in your house.

3. DIY garden: If you’re looking to add some new color to your room, you might want to think about growing some plants. The simplest way to do this is to go to a planting store (American Plant and others are open, just make sure you follow their store instructions) and get some small plants to take care of (succulents can fit anywhere and need very little care!). However, if you're looking to grow something from scratch, there are lots of different ways to find seeds to plant. If you are a big fan of avocado toast, then you might want to try growing your own avocados. All you need is a glass jar with water, toothpicks and an avocado pit. First, fill the jar to the brim with water. Then, stick four toothpicks into the pit, equally spread apart. Place the pit-tooth pic formation on top of the glass jar, and let the toothpicks hold it up. Place the jar in sunlight, and watch it grow. Once the roots have grown thick, transfer it to soil, and wait for your avocados to appear (send us your best pics of the delicious plants you decide to grow!)

TV and Movies: For a little break from schoolwork, Netflix tv shows and movies always promise good entertainment and provide great dinner table discussions (so watch these with siblings/ parents, or try doing a Netflix Party with friends)!

1. “Outer Banks”: Probably the most talked-about show right now (besides the equally popular “All American”), this tv drama is filled with mystery, romance and beautiful scenery (and beautiful people;)). Based in OBX, North Carolina (hence the name), the show focuses on the youths who live on the islands and explore the socio-economic dynamic of two groups of kids, the “pogues” and the “kooks.” The first season, available on Netflix, is filled with ten, roughly hour-long, episodes that are captivating and leave you wanting more! Make sure to catch up on this show and stay tuned for Season 2, which is most likely coming out later in 2021.

2. “Private Practice”: A lesser-known show than “Outerbanks,” this medically focused show is a spin-off of “Grey’s Anatomy” and has recently become available on Netflix. For those “Grey’s”-obsessed fans, Private Practice is a perfect addition to your television regime that centers around Addison Montgomery (a former main character in “Grey’s Anatomy). If you cannot get enough medical drama, we recommend you check this show out!

3. “Dangerous Lies”: This movie, another new addition to Netflix, stars Camila Mendes (of “Riverdale” fame) who suddenly receives a big inheritance. The mystery unravels as Katie Franklin (the main character) discovers secrets about where this money came from. If you want to know more about the adventure this caregiver finds herself in, make sure to watch and tell us your reviews!

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