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  • Nora Goodin

Which Common Quarantine Activity is Worth Your Time?

In the past couple of months, it feels like life has gone from the busiest it's ever been to hours of time that we have to find ways to fill. Routines have completely shifted, from sleep schedules to grocery store trips. Because we’re students and are fortunate enough to be able to stay at home, it can feel hard to occupy our free time. A lot of websites have come out with lists of activities to do while you’re stuck at home, so I thought I would break down the most common ones and give my opinions on them.


Whether it’s a generations-old recipe or a 15-second one from Tiktok, baking is a great outlet during this stressful time. It can be super relaxing, and the delicious end result can last as dessert for a week (or a couple of days if you’re like my family). My favorite baked goods are simple things like cookies and brownies, but if you’re really advanced and can commit to a full day or two of baking, you can make cakes and bread from scratch.

Photo courtesy of “The Washington Post”


One quarantine suggestion I’m seeing everywhere is getting exercise. I think it’s a really good idea to stay active, especially since we can’t practice together for spring sports. One thing that isn’t as great, though, is putting even more pressure on yourself during an already difficult time. Just because you now can exercise for an hour every day doesn’t mean you have to. If you really love running for miles, then go for it! For those of us who don’t, try to push yourself to be active, but know that it’s all good if you’re just not feeling it on a certain day.

Watching TV

Watching TV isn’t so much commonly recommended online as it is warned against, something I think is ridiculous. Even during a global pandemic, it can feel like we are expected to make our lives one giant to-do list. Seriously, you can only deep clean your room so many times a day. It’s fun to be productive sometimes, but no one should feel guilty for just wanting to hang out and watch Netflix (or your preferred streaming service). Like I said earlier, give yourself a break! If you need any suggestions, check out my article on reality TV shows.

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